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Guestbook v4.05

Looks good right now.
I do get an 'error' saying: "The function fsockopen on your webserver is not activated!"
This is on my hosted domain... can't see if this inhibits teh working of the guestbook.
Can you explain why this function is used in the Guestbook..??
fsockopen() is used for the update checks.


lidelf wrote:
Well.. the website is back online you can see it for yourself now and maybe for the mail adres is it a option to work good whith that you can setup the level who may to see the mail adresses.


You are only speaking about the entry from May 22 2008 10:33:21?

@Xessive: Yes, if the function fsockopen() is disabled, then the Update-Check does not work, but the Guestbook still works. So it is no problem ;)
The new version of the Guestbook for PHP-Fusion v6 and PHP-Fusion v7 is almost ready to download!

I only need the new locale files. Please help us and translate the loacale files ;)

Here is the latest Beta-Version:
You can upload your translations here or on my site ;)
When unpacking that package with winRAR, it says


! inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\locale\not uptodate locale: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\locale\not uptodate locale" header is corrupt
! inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\admin: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\admin" header is corrupt
! inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\images: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\images" header is corrupt
! inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\includes: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\includes" header is corrupt
! inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\locale: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\locale" header is corrupt
! inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\updates: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book\updates" header is corrupt
! inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions\guest_book" header is corrupt
! inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files\infusions" header is corrupt
! inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07\php-files" header is corrupt
! inf_guestbook_v4.07: The file "inf_guestbook_v4.07" header is corrupt

Not good? ;)
Oh well, locale worked.

Here's my dutch version :)
Where is the dutch version?
Does it work now?
..oops, forgot to attach it.

Here it is.
Thank you ;)
I found some little bugs, next beta version will be uploaded soon.

// Edit: v4.07 is released ;)
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