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Modification: Extended/"Better" Panels

with this infusion you can add rights to panels and create panels in the administration on 10 positions. Here is readme and download:

"Better" panels system
version 0.9 BETA!!!
Author: Tomáš 'tomas3333' Fedor


If you find any bugs or you want to suggest something for change, write me on tomas3333@gmail.com

 - you can add rights to panels (if you have an admin, and you don't want give him full panels permissions)
 - fifth page in administration
 - now you can add panels into administration

At first I want to warn you, that I'm sure I didn't use the best and the fastest resolutions. I'm learning it yet.
Before installation backup your database - in case "What if". I don't guarantee anything.

Since now, you can display all rights, and you can create groups.
If you don't select rights indetifier, "classic P" will be used. So nothing change. Then you can add rights to your administrators.
In process of panel creation can be created "Temporary panels". In the succesfull panel creation it will be automaticaly deleted.
But if some error occure, you can display this temporary panels, and then you can manipulate with it. Also I used "something"
for controls. If panel rights will be deleted, you will see red point. If you click on it, you will create that rights.
Something like that is also used in rights adding.

Adding panels into administration
Simply: it's edited system for adding panels. You can add panels into ten positions.


1. Copy all files from archive into root/administration
(in archive is also files, that ends "-old" - it's an original files)

2. Go on http://your-site.com/administration/infuse.php
This will create/actualise tables in database.

3. I prefer rename infuse.php

4. Into locale add this parts:

 - locale/English/admins.php
$locale['427'] = "Admin rights - panels";
$locale['428'] = "Actualise main admin";
$locale['429'] = "Repair";
$locale['430'] = "Delete";
$locale['431'] = "This (\"".$delete."\") rights don't exists";
$locale['432'] = "\"".$delete."\" rights was deleted";
$locale['433'] = "For this rights doesn't exists any panel. You can ";
$locale['434'] = "create panel";
$locale['435'] = " or delete ";
$locale['436'] = "group";

 - locale/Slovak/main.php
$locale['ac05'] = "Panels";
 - locale/Slovak/panels.php
$locale['500'] = "Rights identifier:<br> <span style='font-size:6pt'>(max. 10 chars)</span>";
$locale['501'] = "Group name:<br> <span style='font-size:6pt'>(Value, which<br> will be displayed<br> in administrators section)</span>";
$locale['502'] = "Add new panel";
$locale['503'] = "Selected identifier is used for \"";
$locale['503a'] = "\" section. Do you wish add this panel into group with the same identifier or you want select new identifier? If you keep identifier, name of group will be ignored.<br><br>";
$locale['504'] = "Add to group";
$locale['505'] = "Select new";
$locale['506'] = "Rights identifier was saved. Rights for edit this (and other - with the same identifier) panel you make accesible by activating ".$row2['admin_title']." in section <a href='".BASEDIR."administrators.php".$aidlink."'>editing administrators rights</a>.";
$locale['507'] = "Rights identifier was saved. In <a href='".BASEDIR."administration/administrators.php".$aidlink."'>section user rights</a> was added new item.";
$locale['508'] = "Display used rights";
$locale['509'] = "Hide rights list";
$locale['510'] = "No.";
$locale['511'] = "Show also temporary panels";
$locale['512'] = "Hide temporary panels";
$locale['514'] = "St.";
$locale['515'] = "Repair";
$locale['516'] = "Error";
$locale['517'] = "Repaired";

//admin panels
$locale['518'] = "In this category isn't any panel";
$locale['519'] = "Panel administration";
$locale['520'] = "Panel administration for admin section";
$locale['521'] = "Panels - left menu";
$locale['522'] = "Panel into left menu";

1. Rename files with "-old". Simply "-old" delete
2. Go on http://your-site.com/administration/your_renamed_infuse.php?defuse
3. Delete added parts from locale

This is pretty cool. Why not put all this stuff in the correct files and folders to package it up and release it in the Marketplace here? That would be really neat.
Many of these modifications do not work in newer versions. I do not recommend modifying core if you don't know what are you doing.
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