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Charset & Collation: UTF-8, ujis_japanese_ci

My site is English, but I have a Japanese glossary of terms as well as the occasional Japanese characters in the forums. So, I want it to be a bi-lingual site, English and Japanese.

The other day, I had backed up my SQL terms and restored it to another site in the glossary. The characters came out garbled [ zenkoshu - 前戸主 ] it had no characters nor the unicode for those characters.

I went into phpMyAdmin and set the MySQL connection collation to: ujis_japanese_ci and it's not garbled anymore, after correcting it, and it's using the unicode for those characters [zenkoshu - 前戸主 ]

Will my back ups be okay by setting phpMyAdmin with the collation ujis_japanese_ci or do I need to add/change something in my PHP-Fusion files such as the charset [utf-8]?

Should my charset be changed to a Japanese charset [x-sjis] or keep it as it is? [there is another site using this charset x-sjis, and it's bi-lingual]

What is the TABLES charset?

Now if you'll save you database as utf-8 and restore it, it should work in the future. Make a test on a diferent database and see if it works
okay, I saved the file and tested it on another database.

It restored the characters in my glossary [Terms Infusion v1.00 by Muscapaul] correctly, but the characters in my forums and forum subject tile came out with a ??.

I tried changing the charset utf-8 in my locale/english to x-sjis, but that didn't work, it changed all the characters to a different character....

How do I change my charset in my locale?? I need to change my locale charset x-jis. does anyone know?

Either that or can I just replace this .$locale['charset']. in the php fusion files with the x-jis charset?
the charset is set in locale/language/global.php
All that I get is questionmarks

Is there a setup for Japanaese that you know of. I have it set to x-sjis but it still only give me question marks. What charset should I have set for my sql server???
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