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Hacked site

As I wrote on Shoutbox, today my PHP_Fusion site was hacked by some Turkish hacker. They use following tools
hacking software on this link

description how can hack php-fusion on this link
That info provide me Admin of my hosting company.
So, what I can do, version of php-fusio is 6.01.11

infusions? Which infusions used on the site?
Infusions are downloaded from PHP-fusion MODs web site
News RSS Feed [News] 1.20 , Calendar_panel, flash clock panel, and one mine which take data from accuwather.com
I just receive IP and provider from attacker
dsl.dynamic851009878.ttnet.net.tr provider IP , Turkey, Bursa
Just One Question. What The Heck Are You Saying?
Hacker wrote something haackeg intro.. and put several turkish flags
The best way to avoid turkish hacker is never insult Turkey and Islam. I know them well, they dont hack for no reason, but still they shouldnt do that. Turkish hackers are currently the best hackers in the world followed by Brazil.

when Denmark published those cartoons about Islam, they hacked more than 4000 danish websites.

Peace to Turkey.
dont use too many infusion and mods, use popular mods and infusion that get proper updates and checks.
My site is presentation of one small entrepreneur's association.
Site is on Serbian language, with few pictures of city.
I do not understand they reason, if they have one
Does any have any clue where was a problem?
Might be the Calendar Infusion as TammyK pointed out.

Now you'll have to get rid of that infusion for now, and check your files (FTP) and your DB for anything suspicious.
I already erase all from sever. I had backup several days ago, so install again, restore backup, and change as you sugest calendar with event calendar 0.7.0 of Artur Wiebe
Any other idea for better security?:)
my site is again hacked by teknopatron and they left his URL
@bosrip71 - it's sorry to hear that your site is hacked
that site is a turkish website. let me look what can i find about them
if i'm able to contact with them i'll let u know
ohh! saldiriteam.tr.cx =] are very comics...they are crackers =] ahaha
UPGRADE to v6.01.11, simple.
Can I just ask if you guys are actually deleting your setup files and protecting your config file?
what you mean protect config file, like how protect except chmod 644?
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