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User_threads: register.php / setup.php


user_threads seems to be missing in setup.php when creating the user table?

When register it complains about it when trying to insert the new user.
I got the same problem...any ideas?

i have

Unknown column 'user_threads' in 'field list'

in my register.php

can som 1 help me plz ?
Uh, same. :(
can som 1 help us ?
Yes, help us please. B)
I have the same problem too.
But only when activation via email is off.

When email activation is on - there is no problem.

It comes with 2 different errors:


Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
- and:


Unknown column 'user_threads' in 'field list'
See news update, its fixed now :)
Thanks Digi :)
You're welcome.

the updated news says, changes in "registration.php"?
where can i find that file., isent it register.php ? becores i cant find registration.php in cvs

and if it is register.php, is the new update in cvs ?
register.php, line# 131, yes its in the cvs too.
now i have Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
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