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Logon without Logon Panel?

I created a new site and set "Enabled Registration System" to no. I would like to disable the logon panel so it does not show on the home page. If I do so, how would I logon as admin?

http://www.yourdomain.com/login.php ;)
PMM is right if you disable your home page login just do /login.php it will take you to the same page as your home page does that's just a fun way PHP-Fusion works... I Love It!!!
That worked - I could logon, but I could not get to admin screens.
I tried this page: http://wisdomleadstowealth.com/administration/index.php, but it seemed to just redirect back to home page.

For now, I used PHPMyAdmin to re-enable the "User Info" Panel.

So now, how I can I turn of "User Info" panel, but still get to admin?

I'm on v6.01.13. Is the aid=xxxxxxx required now?

Thanks again.
maybe you didnt give all privillege to the admin,
go to user admin > administrators...
edit the administrator with all powers and then try again...


I'm on v6.01.13. Is the aid=xxxxxxx required now?

it has always been required since it was added.
You may create a file called administration.php, with the following content:

| PHP-Fusion 6 Content Management System
| Copyright © 2002 - 2006 Nick Jones
| http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/
| Released under the terms & conditions of v2 of the
| GNU General Public License. For details refer to
| the included gpl.txt file or visit http://gnu.org
require_once "maincore.php";
require_once "subheader.php";
require_once "side_left.php";

if (iADMIN) {
} else {

require_once "side_right.php";
require_once "footer.php";

- that should redirect you to the admin panel...
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