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Php Fusion Theme Site - Update check new default theme!

k im doing a php fusion theme site, with my style of themes. and i'd like to know what u guys think!


i only have one theme for download right now but im going to be adding more tomorrow
nice theme...
Good luck with creating more
thanks :)
hey nice site

switcher doesnt work
thanks fire! my mistake, you have to be logged in to change the theme? is there anyway i can change that
I recommend you make sure that the panels that are only accessible to members, also only are visible to members.
ok thanks i will do that!
I registered. Can you help me creating a arcade theme for my site http://gamescut.com?
@f1r3bl00d: Why have you removed the link in the footer (copyright) ?? Both to PHP-Fusion and to PHPFusion-Themes.com :(
Smoke... Let the License Team deal with that. f1r3bl00d may have made donation.
i donated to all of that stuff...
Being the Head of the License Team...checking...


The domain gamescut.com has not been approved for license removal

Firstblood, give me a date for donation, need to check other place.
... I believe it was yesterday, or the day before... if you need the paypal adres ill PM you

I know its not much, but for me as a teenager it is :)
sure fire i can do that, pm me on my site with the details ok?
Hello guys!

Nice themes, if i register will u be able to make a custom African them with the african colors (green, yellow, red)...
You would be talking about a South African theme.
yea sure, go ahead and register and send me the details via shoutbox or pm :)
i did a new theme called graffiti . u guys like it ? .. its not for download, i might put it up i dont know yet
Yeah I need AFRICAN theme with all the African colors (Yellow, Green, Red)...with some kind of african exotic animals and people (specially the Masai or Zulu)
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