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Another Amazing Site |IranZIK|

as i said before i was making another website for music portal!

-> http://www.IranZik.com <-

this phpfusion is fully modded by me, if u just look around in the website everythin is new! this version of phpfusion is made for music downloads.

And also the theme (AppleZik) is originally made by me

The Stuff That I Modded :
- New Index with new panels mostly codded by me
- New Header and Footer System made by me!
- Edited Fuzed Shoutbox
- New Download System only for music
- Old Fusion's Download System included aswell
- Modded Fusion's Forum
- New Video System
- Fusion's Article System changed to Lyrics System
- Member Pages, Blog system, Communities and MySpace system
- Link To Us system and Partner's Page
- Gallery is using my old website database
- My Own Watermark system!
- and So many other little stuff

im still working on the system, im planning to publish a new phpfusion version for download centers ;)

Im looking forward for phpfusion 7! cant wait to mod it!
You have a lot of talent. Very well done. I hope you don't have too much trouble upgrading to version 7 with all those mods.
Could you PLEASE help me out prozillas? please make me a shoutbox like that in the center panel and under my forum posts. that would be awesome!!!!!!!

my site is polishgoals.com if you are willing to help please respond in a post here. thanks! i've been wanting to have a shoutbox like that for quite some time.
ok but first i have to change some codesh because it only works with my own website, then i ll give it to u ;)
congratulations Prozillaz awesome work :) hope that soon we'll be a team!
ok thanks;)
zoli! nice to see u here man! we're a team right?! lol cya later man!
Jak17... It is fairly simple to do. You just need to change a could bits of code. Depending on the theme used, it could be as simple as changing the "openside" and "closeside" to "opentable" and "closetable" respectvully in the infusion/shoutbox_panel/shoutbox_panel.php

Now, add Shoutbox Panel to center panel.
Restore kroax & member pages copyrights.
@ Domi : ok i will, i luv ur kroax! its excellent i edited it a lil bit but the source code is amazing but member pages had some problems wid my website!

@ kemper : u cant just change openside(); to opentable(); it wont work, u need to change quiet alot of stuff i ll put the code later ;)
Sure worked fine for my site.

Even if you did not make my suggested changes, it will work in Center Panel. It only depends on the side css properties on whether it will look right. If you just inserted the panel, as it originally was, in the center - you would have the same results, but with scaps panel headers vs. caps panel headers.
Looks good. very tight design
I'm thinking of opening a website for phpfusion 7 themes! what do u guys think ?


ProZillaZ wrote:
I'm thinking of opening a website for phpfusion 7 themes! what do u guys think ?

If you think that you can do why not ?:)

PS: I see a site its really nice good job:D


ProZillaZ wrote:
I'm thinking of opening a website for phpfusion 7 themes! what do u guys think ?

Yeah themes and mods.I joined your site.If you make a site for php fusion 7 i'll be the first to join.
if i want to open want i need some moderators, cuz only 2 admins cant control a website...
Would like to help but i need to learn more about coding.Or do u mean helping u moderating the site?
i need admins to know how to design templates, a little bit working with HTML, HTML is not the problem, i just want my admins to design template on photoshop or any other softwares n give me pictures so i can convert them to PHP Fusion Templates
If you want staff, announce it at your own site.

All those Music downloads...tell me how they are legal.
@Homdax : my website is completely legal, all the albums tht r in the website r legal to be shared, they're all Persian albums n i have the permission to share them in the internet. I've another section called DJs and MP3s which r again legal to share, they're nt the actual song n they're nt being sold so again its legal to share them.
On the other hand im getting google ads soon n tht shows tht the website is legal otherwise google wouldnt give us ads

i know what im doing and i wont brake any law ;)
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