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Football - the official PHP-Fusion Forums thead ;-)

Personnaly I think the swiss got what they deserved, but the match was a bit lame.

Thats all I have seen so far.

I hope for Germany getting spanked by Poland and Croatia get them Austrians by the nose.

Input below.
Didn't see the whole matches but Portugal deserved to win. :) (Btw: My favourite team for this EuroCup)

And - as you - I hope Poland wins. (Hehe Matanor :p)

But I really hope Sweden is losing their matches. (...after what they did against Denmark. :@)
I'm sure that will make Homdax happy, lmao.
Heh... They deserve to lose. :p
I've drawn Russia and Croatia in the work's sweepstakes!
Go Romania !

[mp3]<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="http://www.trilulilu.ro/embed-audio/zambesc/3cb1c036914b6c"></script><script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">show_3cb1c036914b6c(448, 46);</script> <br /> <br /><strong>Imnul National al Romaniei</strong> <br /><a href="http://www.trilulilu.ro/audio/Diverse" title="Diverse">Asculta mai multe audio Diverse &raquo;</a>[/mp3]
<-- not interested in football/soccer, but its wellknown that the Tommys dont like the germans b)

@Josso: Do you want to risk your Mod-Job and an instant banning? :D
Errr.... :o

@PMM... Help me... :p
As a related note, Sweden can fall down and Die, the lot of chauvinistic ****s. Excuse the French.

Germany 1 : 0 Poland :P
Germany 2:0 Poland. I was sure that we won't win but to lose that much ;/
Poland has to be BAD. To not register a real goal against tentative, un-initiative, sit back on heels Lehmann. Ouch!
Too bad about Poland...

whos next for the "Slaughter"house...?
What can I say? only Go Romania!:)
Hehe, Poland beat themselves :p

@Homdax: If you speak about Germany - don't forget, your Queen is from Germany b)
Group of Death... Now Vieira is ruled fit. Gonna make today's match interesting.


Homdax wrote:
Too bad about Poland...

whos next for the "Slaughter"house...?

Next one will be Croatia on Thursday 12 June 2008 18.00 in Klagenfurt :)


-Falcon wrote:
What can I say? only Go Romania!:)

It will be extremly hard for Romania. Today France, and then Italy and Netherlands ;)
Nice group :P
espn360.com is flippin' awesome. Gonna watch France win while here at work. I'm being very productive!
France has more ball posession, but need more shots. France has a good coach and probably will win, but Romania may be a surprise... :)

Go Italy!
Italy = The netherlands: 1 - 1
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