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AD banner removes Site banner?

I have been experimenting with PHP-fusion 7 and was recently looking at site banners etc as I don't really use adverts on the sites I look after, but we have some charity events which I wish to promote...

Anyway... when i set up ad banner (nice touch btw) I lose the Site Banner which I use for the site's title graphic... I am using the default Theme as per this site btw... Questions are:

1. Is there a way to retain the site title graphic Left justified and have the banners just rotating on the right of the screen.... and if so... how?

2. Can you have more than 2 banners cycling through and can they be made random?

Thanks in advance



degre wrote:
2. Can you have more than 2 banners cycling through and can they be made random?

Thanks in advance


Im going to answer the second :

Yes you can put more thant 2 banners for example :

<center><img src='http://www.immortal-rec.net/site/images/baner1.jpg' style='margin:5px' align='center' /></center>
<img src='http://lavdim.byethost2.com/site/images/php-fusion-logo.png' style='margin:5px' align='left' />

The second its show down than first Left !!

If you know PHP Fusion just some , you can do this !!!
Thanks for the reply... appreciated you taking the time, but what I meant with that second question is weather you can set a series of adds that change randomly each time you load the screen or go to another screen.

It's possible to use PHP, in the banners. :)

$b[] = "<a href='http://LINK'><img src='SRC' alt='' /></a>";
$b[] = "<a href='http://LINK'><img src='SRC' alt='' /></a>";

$random_number = rand(0,count($b)-1);

echo ($quotes[$random_number]);

Just add some more. ;)
Superb, thank you.

Any thoughts on the preserving the site title graphic as well as adding the banner or would this be something to do in PHP and HTML in that banner box as well?

I have tried the code offered by Josso but nothing comes up in the preview... was there stuff I needed to edit (other than the obvious addition of the location of the graphics and links?

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