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Blank main center panels in IE but works fine in FireFox

I'm not sure if this is a problem that anyone else is seeing however it appears that users with IE cannot see any of the center panels on my page at www.gojuryu.net however users of FireFox 2.xxx and 3.xxxx have not problem. See below example I just took screen shots of. Anyone else with this issue? It is new since my upgrade to V7
1. is Internet Explorer.
2. is FireFox
hmmmm, and what file would I make the change in to repair?
Wow.. i think you have the biggest collection of toolbars in your browser i have ever seen lol :P
I did some tinkering and found the following from the different themes:
  • 2point0 - no center panels
  • Aer - no center panels
  • Atlantis - no center panels
  • Fumaeleon - no center panels
  • Gillette - WORKS
  • Pastel - Footer Works
  • Phos - no center panels
  • Similitude06 - WORKS
  • Similitude07_div - no center panels
  • Simplicity_div - no center panels

For the time being I'm using the Gillette theme and will change the header background and border background to match my banner color. Any idea which files I should mod to make such a change?
hmmm .

I've updated to the final release of v7

All center panels are still working in FireFox however not in IE

I've checked the theme.php and found that there are
23 <div
24 </div

Can someone look at the following code and let me know if you see something missing here?
if (!defined("IN_FUSION")) { header("Location: ../../index.php"); exit; }
require_once INCLUDES."theme_functions_include.php";

define("THEME_WIDTH", "100%");
define("THEME_BULLET", "<img src='".THEME."images/bullet.gif' alt='' style='border:0' />");

function render_page($license=false) {
   global $settings, $main_style;

   echo "<div style='width:".THEME_WIDTH.";' class='$main_style'>\n";
   echo "<div class='full-header'>\n".showbanners()."\n</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='floatfix'>\n";
   echo "<div class='white-header' style='float:left;'>".showsublinks(" <span class='bullet'>&middot;</span> ")."</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='white-header' style='float:right;'>".showsubdate()."</div>\n";
   echo "</div>\n";
   if (LEFT) { echo "<div id='side-border-left'>".LEFT."</div>\n"; }
   if (RIGHT) { echo "<div id='side-border-right'>".RIGHT."</div>\n"; }
   echo "<div id='main-bg'><div id='container'>".U_CENTER.CONTENT.L_CENTER."</div></div>\n";
   echo "<div class='full-header clear'>".stripslashes($settings['footer'])."</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='white-header' style='text-align:center;'><br/>\n";
   echo showcounter()."<br /><br />\n";
   if ($license == false) {
      echo showcopyright()."<br /><br />\n";
   echo "</div>\n</div>\n";


function render_news($subject, $news, $info) {

   echo "<div class='capmain'>$subject</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='main-body floatfix'>".   $news."</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='news-footer'>\n";
   echo newsposter($info,"&middot;").newsopts($info,"&middot;").itemoptions("N",$info['news_id']);
   echo "</div>\n";


function render_article($subject, $article, $info) {

   echo "<div class='capmain'>$subject</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='main-body floatfix'>".($info['article_breaks'] == "y" ? nl2br($article) : $article)."</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='news-footer'>\n";
   echo articleposter($info,"&middot;").articleopts($info,"&middot;").itemoptions("A",$info['article_id']);
   echo "</div>\n";


function opentable($title) {

   echo "<div class='capmain'>$title</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='main-body floatfix'>\n";


function closetable() {

   echo "</div>\n";


function openside($title, $collapse = false, $state = "on") {
   global $panel_collapse; $panel_collapse = $collapse;

   echo "<div class='border'>\n";
   if ($collapse == true) {
      $boxname = str_replace(" ", "", $title);
      echo "<div class='scapmain' style='float:right;'>".panelbutton($state,$boxname)."</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='scapmain'>".$title."</div>\n";
   echo "<div class='side-body floatfix'>\n";
   if ($collapse == true) { echo panelstate($state, $boxname); }


function closeside($collapse = false) {

   global $panel_collapse;

   if ($panel_collapse == true) { echo "</div>\n"; }
   echo "</div>\n</div>\n";


in the //Footer section there are two </div> 's on the last line.
Maybe one of them is causing the problem.
In total there are 23 <div> and 24 </div> tags...



   echo "<div class='full-header clear'>".stripslashes($settings['footer'])."</div>\n";

   echo "<div class='white-header' style='text-align:center;'><br/>\n";

   echo showcounter()."<br /><br />\n";

   if ($license == false) {

      echo showcopyright()."<br /><br />\n";


   echo "</div>\n</div>\n";

it made no difference
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