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Latvian locale ( language ) Latviešu , Latviesu 'Latvieshu

Please translate in English, too, Latvian only is not allowed.

Also, you have missed a few folders (bbcodes, search, user_fields), and at least global.php is not complete. FYI: If you want translate for v7 and you start from v6, then you MUST check all files to see if they are complete. It is not just a case of seeing which files have been added in the existing folders.
I can finish his job in translation, he forgot edit global.php

And he say that he wont some admin put this file on V7 locale downloads, but job not finish.

// Locale Settings
setlocale(LC_TIME, "lv","GB"); // Linux Server (Windows may differ)
$locale['charset'] = "UTF-8";
$locale['xml_lang'] = "en";
$locale['tinymce'] = "lv";
$locale['phpmailer'] = "lv";

Hee saves global.php file do not use UTF-8 thats whay some Latvian words are ? symbol..
Contact him directly to solve matters, please. It would be nice to have a locale before v7 is released. Please, also remember to use the last english lcoales from the SVN so nothing will be missing.
I'm right now translating PHP-Fusion 7 Latvian locale about 70% completed when i finish translate were i need to submit it?
Downloadable for payment? :o Oh, please, tell me I am wrong...
If you are not wrong Paul, we do not use that locale. This is a community effort and if people do not get that, starting to add fees to the basic stuff, they might as well be rid of the community.

Awaiting explanation...
PHP-Fusion V7 Latvian language pack UTF-8. Translated 100%
For Free
amis00 attached the following file:
phpfusion_v7_latvian_languagepack_utf8.rar [No information available / 0 Downloads]
Thank you very much for the free version! Was having the same problem and imagine my nightmare when I have to pay to get full Latvian locale. :)

- Liam
Qualitative translate can be found in http://www.php-fusion.lv/ .
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