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Removing "Read More" link in News Footer

I'm trying to remove the Read More link and printer image from the news footer but I'm not exactly sure which parts of the coding I need to remove. I still want users to be able to post comments and so far, alll I've managed to do is remove the entire bit.

This is the coding taken from theme_functions_include:
function newsopts($info, $sep, $class = "") {
global $locale; $res = "";
$link_class = $class ? " class='$class' " : "";
if (!isset($_GET['readmore']) && $info['news_ext'] == "y") $res = "<a href='news.php?readmore=".$info['news_id']."'".$link_class.">".$locale['global_072']."</a> ".$sep." ";
if ($info['news_allow_comments']) $res .= "<a href='news.php?readmore=".$info['news_id']."#comments'".$link_class.">".$info['news_comments'].($info['news_comments'] == 1 ? $locale['global_073b'] : $locale['global_073'])."</a> ".$sep." ";
if ($info['news_ext'] == "y" || $info['news_allow_comments']) $res .= $info['news_reads'].$locale['global_074']."\n";
$res .= $sep." <a href='print.php?type=N&amp;item_id=".$info['news_id']."'><img src='".get_image("printer")."' alt='".$locale['global_075']."' style='vertical-align:middle;border:0;' /></a>\n";
return "<!--news_opts-->".$res;

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated :)
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