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Admin password recovery


Here is the code for php page:
call it page.php , upload to the root dir, and direct your browser to yoursite.com/page.php

require_once 'maincore.php';

$pass = 'yourpass';
$passadm = 'youradminpass';

dbquery("UPDATE ".DB_USERS." SET user_admin_password = md5(md5('$passadm')),user_admin_algo='md5', user_algo='md5',user_password=md5(md5('$pass')) WHERE user_id = '1' LIMIT 1;");

echo 'Done';

This code will reset your password to specified.

Remove this file after use! And make a DB backup at first.
- by PolarFox

Thank you SO MUCH for this! I have tried so many old "Sure fire fixes" that didn't work that I was about to give up hope. This is the first mention I found of the DOUBLE MD-5 hashing, which the other fixes I tried didn't have, which was surely why they failed. Just to let everyone know this still works; I'm using v 7.02.07 and writing this December 11, 2017.
I'm having the same problem and am afraid to use this suggestion as the database shows that the password in my version of the php-fusion (7.02.07) is using sha256 as the user_algo. Can anyone confirm this fix would work for me?
The solution wil also for you. The encryption is set to md5.
Thanks douwe_yntema. Another user told me that I could accomplish the same thing by deleting the user_admin_salt and user_admin_password from the table using phpmyadmin and then resetting it when logging into the site.
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