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How do I retrieve back my administrator password?

So, I need help with my site. I want to make a custom page but I can't because I forgot the administrator password. I can't remember it because there's so much password to remember, my e-mail, forums accounts and many more. How can I retrieve it back? :( I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section.
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Oh, okay. Sorry. But how do I get back my administrator password?
Thats better, thank you :)

There is no way to retreave it, but you can simply reset it by following these steps:

1. Log in to phpMyAdmin

2. Access the user table and locate your user, probably the first one in that table

3. user_admin_password holds your dmin password, just leave it empty and save

4. Go to your fusion site and you will be able to make a new admin password :)
Do I need to click at the change button?
Change button?
The pencil shape button.

This is another possible way, but didn't Master Digitanium wrote a script for this purpose? :|
Why didn't tell me earlier? :(
Ask starefossen, as iADMIN he should know it... :p
Digi, has made an infusions for this!!!
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