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Solution: Avatar-Upload does not work

In last time I often read that some users have problems with their avatar upload on their site.
So this is a general check list, what you can do to solve the problem:

Check your folder:
The following folder must have CHMOD 777: files/images/avatars/

Check the requirements of your avatar:
-Max. filesize: 30Kb
-Max. size: 100x100 pixels
-Fileformat: gif, png, jpg or jpeg
-allowed characters in the name: “A-Z”, “0-9”, “-“ and “_”. (Spaces are not allowed!)

Check your Internetbrowser:
-delete the cache of your browser

If you checked all these points and the avatar upload still does not work, then open a new thread.

If you have any suggestions how to improve this check list, then send me please a PM or post in this thread.
Thanks man! :D Know I know my problem is. My avatar name has spaces. :P It really works now! :D Thanks. And love your Guestbook mod. :D
@slaughter, useful post. Anyhow, topic title is a little misleading. Maybe change it to "When Avatar-Upload does not work"?
I changed it to "Solution: Avatar-Upload does not work".
Is this better now? :)
Yeah. It's better now and more people will look this thread.
Is there any way to increase that 100*100 limitation, or does that requiring code alteration?
Requires, at least in edit_profile.php.
And in administration too...
(Spaces are not allowed!)

Very bad! This information must be on profile update page. Is there any way to put this information there?
Hmm... at least someone got it to work.
I'm still having slight difficulties with just getting it to upload the avatar picture.

And yes. I changed the edit_profile.php so my members wouldn't have to scale their pics down too much..
There are no spaces in the nametag, or weird letters aswell.

Also I noticed that, in the avatar folder is a index.php file, but it's empty... Anything I need to put in that to make it work?


Finally got my avatars working.
Nobody said anything about update_profile_include.php ....
Which was the main factor of why mine didn't work.

[function]http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=26074&pid=143934#post_143934[/function] <-- Very Nice.. :D
Man great fix thread, This was a pain in my you know what, I was also having trouble with my avatars for users being suspended, here was another useful thread, thanks guys http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=26598&highlight=avatar&pid=144785#post_14478
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