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All 'ā ī ū ē' simbols were replaced by 'Ä“lÄ“Ä'

EDIT: Damn, can't post those. They were ment to be a, e, i ,u with the line above them. Latvian.

After upgrading to 7 whole web went wrong. All 'ā ī ū ē' simbols were replaced by 'Ä“lÄ“Ä' and so on.
Couldn't find the solution the forums. The site is messed up and I must get it up and running as fast as possible.

Can you post a link to site or pm it ?

Probably something with charsets
It seems that something went wrong with sql (database) converting.

Did you make new db for upgrade ?
Verify that both databases use same encoding.

Export/import manuali something (articles or news) from original to new upgraded db.
bad charset import in mysql, maybe ?


Quartzkyte wrote:
bad charset import in mysql, maybe ?

exactly what i suspect
Both databases are identical and so are the charsets, thats why i'm confused. :/

If I change something manually through phpmyadmin in the db and use those simbols, they appear fine. Problem is somewhere in importing/exporting, but I couldn't find where.
you could try import again - or manualy replace all the "bad" symbols if theres not much articles/news/post ...
Im still having this problem, i was trying to upgrade again but still no luck. I just made export old database and then import, before upgrade everything was okey, no problem with charset and marks, but after i runned upgrade.php and copied new v7 files on server the marks were gone. look http://test.wc3.lv

in the local charset is set to utf-8 like it was on v6.

Please help.
To my knowledge there are no UTF-8 system but for the Polish locales...
No latvian language works with utf-8
www.wc3.lv works with utf-8.
before upgrade all was okey, but when i upgrade newest version everything goes crazy :( http://test.wc3.lv
please someone?
i need solution :|
Sorry, but I see no oth'er solution that destroying the tables and re-importing them with correct charset...
the charset is correct !!!!
omg really no solution? Can php-fusion makers look at this problem please :(
anyone please?
When I have these problems I take a backup from tha cp from your site. Then I go to phpMyAdmin and Import it with the right charaters. Take etc. a look at this thread:

If that won't work I have no other ideas. I have never heard/experinced for my self that it won't work using this methode..
nop didnt helped.
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