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Will v6 infusions work in v7?

Sorry if this is an obvious question, I tried to do some searching but couldn't find an answer.

I'm not actually upgrading a v6 site, but am actually making a new site and thought i'd use v7 as it's now available. I've used v6 on a number of other sites before, and there are some v6 infusions i've used that were quite nice that i'd like to incorporate into the new site.

I'm thinking that because of table structure changes the infusions won't work. In case there are new v7 types of them, they were a blog infusion, and the Calendar of Events infusion.

I believe there is an updated v7 model of the Events Calendar infusion, as for the blog one I dont know, you're correct that v6 infusions do not work on v7 sites.
Ah ok, thanks.
excellent thanks. thats all I need. Will deploy v7 now.
Infusions in the strict sense (ones that use infusion.php) from v6 will not work in v7. Panels (in the strict sense, that are added through panel management only) may work when they use core tables to read data from, but depending on how the coding was done, they may show error messages or not. That's a matter of trial and error. For advanced users who use the multi-site feature those panel;s will not work either because the table prefixes will be messed up.
There is a update for the Calender Infusion made by wibix,too.
Event calendar by Arthur wiebe (version 0.8.3):


And TI Blog System:

does the guestbook infusion work in v7?
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