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Profile.php and register.php suggestion

Ever since upgrading to version 7 I have had a lot of new members putting their email address into the "Contact Information" box which listed the Web Address.

I have changed the code in the locale for register.php to show "Website Information" instead of "Contact Information". Also changed the Web Address to Website Address.

Since doing this I haven't had any new members putting their email address into the Website Address box.

Attached below is what the new register.php looks like now.
I had to change to line of code in locale/yourlanguage/user_fields.php
$locale['u044'] = "Contact Information";
$locale['u044'] = "Website Information";

I did the similar thing for the profile.php but may not be necessary
In locale/yourlanguage/user_fields/user_web.php
$locale['uf_web'] = "Web Address";
$locale['uf_web'] = "Website Address";

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed how many of their new members have put their email address under the "Contact Information" in the Web Address box?
And/Or if it might be worthwhile to submit this for a change in the core updates to come?

PS. Still trying to figure out why we have the -13 Time Offset ?????????
No response.

This site has gone way down hill for support.

I'm sure I am speaking for many people.
Joe, you could simply have asked if we would follow up on this one. No-one forces you to come here. If you were really speaking for many people and the issue was really serious, then there would have been crowds here to support you. There are not, so the problem can not be so pressing as you apparently claim it is. And since you have solved it by making your own modification there is no reason to start moaning. In this way people may decide to let others answer your questions...
@ Joe Kriz
Optimistic attitude or...

Well you can make the changes yourself, dont think this Is a mayor issue to be mad about, when you in 2 sec. can do the changes yourself.

There are a lot of changes I made in the locale, but dont think they need to be changed in the original files.
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