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After Upgrading v7 passwords don't work for users

I got into my site as my other thread explained however now my users don't work unless they click "Forgot Password" and the system resets it then they go in and set it back. They get the "Invalid Username and Password". Is there something that I did during the database upgrade that didn't work right? It's got all the data, it's got content in their username / password fields in the database. Is there a way for me to go copy and paste it back in on the database to get it to kick in? Thank you.
You might of had an upgrade prolem, try re-updating again with your old database.
I have the exact same problem. After upgrading the database and replacing all files, the passwords are rejected for every user, even admin. I eventually performed a full restore and tried again and the same thing happened.

Any ideas?
check the password in the db, it need to be double md5

use this to check it, save it to test.php

require_once "maincore.php";
$password = md5(md5("YOUR_PASSWORD"));

$udata = dbarray(dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_USERS." WHERE user_id='1'"));
if ($udata['user_password'] == $password){
   echo "It is double md5";
   echo "It is not double md5";


I get the error message: "It is not double md5"

Does this mean that the db upgrade didnt go well?
yes, ok then try this

if you get the message that it is double md5 you can log in :D

require_once "maincore.php";
$password = md5(md5("YOUR_PASSWORD"));
dbquery("UPDATE ".DB_USERS." SET user_password='".$password."' WHERE user_id=1");

$udata = dbarray(dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_USERS." WHERE user_id='1'"));
if ($udata['user_password'] == $password){
   echo "It is double md5";
   echo "It is not double md5";


Thanks. It now says that it is double MD5 but I still cannot login.
hhmm if your memberid is 1 you should be able to log in

checking it a bit more, ill be back :D
Okay thanks for your help so far... :)
Just to clear things up a bit. I upgraded from 6.01.10 that does not have double MD5 passwords. Would it help if I restored the original site and database and then upgraded to 6.01.12 first, then to v7?
i updated the code in post #6 use that
Okay I'll try in a little while and then get back to you
The problem appears to be solved. I did a restore of the database and files, upgraded to 6.01.12 and then to

Thanks for you help. You definitely pointed me in the right direction. :D
Hi guys!
I'm from Italy,I have the same problem..
The test in post 6 says me "It is double md5",but I still can't login....Help me!!! I did the update from 6.01.11 to 7.00.5...
What do I have to do? I wrote on Italian forum but still nothing to do... :|
Already asked for a new password using the lost password link?

And, please, don't bump forum questions in the shoutbox...
Yes,but i've received no mail..And also this could be a problem..What can I do? During the upgrading everything was right...
Received for shoutbox..But..Heeelp... ;)
It is essential that you do these actions immediately after each other:
Go to phpmyadmin for you site and open the users table. Find your account and past the following code in the password field:

The immediately log in at your site with 123456 as password and change your password.
Now I try..
Perfect!But now..I ask..
I've tryed to create my password using an md5 encrypter..The one i got from that site,and the one created now are different in the mysqldatabase for the same password..It wasn't a good md5 encrypter or v7 use something different?
Another..In the DB my password was different, probably created when i used the lost password link..But I've never received the new one by mail,and in user the mail field is right..Where's the problem???
Another..For the other users?They've to use lost pass link (if it works) or can I do something? i.e. reaching their pass by the md5 code i've in DB e converting those in the right format?
Mh....Ok,now lost passwor link works....
Strange but truth...
Only another one problem...
The other users..They only can use lost pass link?
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