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The Electrical Cave

My developing site that is all about electronics, they’re going to be lots of updates and I hope to get lots of stuff on it. Any interest in submitting suggestion or ideas please do as I would like the help, thanks.

Are we supposed to guess the URL?
Oh, I thought I put It on there, sorry.
My site is down due to problems I will have it up as soon as possible.
damn its boring, no self made ideas in design and the banner is gone... is a no go...
I had some problems, and I am trying to get some help to start getting it running.
Perhaps you should have waited until you had something for us to look at before posting here. It's a standard site with no content, no banner and a typo at the bottom. :(

You asked in your post for suggestions or ideas. Well, it's all about the content, baby!!

So, load up your content and if you need any help, we'll be here.

Better luck next time ;)
I did some more work on the site, I like to know what everyone thinks of it, I do like suggestions and if you could help, that would be great.
A bit too cluster for the site
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