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Verification image not there

I cant get visitors to register on my site cause the verificsation image is not wanting to show up.


I hope someone can help me... thanx
ok thank you i search verification image not secure image >.<

Thanx its fixed now.... my sever doesn't support TTF
I just installed PHPFusion 7.00.5

The validation images in register.php and contact.php are not showing up.

The validation in my old v6.01.18 is functioning perfectly.

I have browsed the PHPFusion Forums for several hours and tried everything suggested.




The things which I have tried are

1) I replaced the secure.php with Digitanium's edited version
2) I changed "use GD fonts" in securimage.php from false to true and vice versa
3) I checked all the files in the securimage folder
4) I ran the GeshipfftHP script to check the use of GD fonts. The result is below

Securimage Test Script
This script will test your PHP installation to see if Securimage will run on your server.

GD Support: Yes!

Here is the PHPinfo from my host's server
PHP version 4.2.3

GD Support - Enabled
GD Version - 1.6.2 or higer
FreeType Support - Enabled
FreeType Linkage - with TTF Library
JPG Support - Enabled
PNG Support - Enabled
WBMP Support - Enabled

1) What else can I try?
2) Is it possible to replace the v7 code with v6 validation?

Another question
How do I make the members to fill all possible user fields, use email validation and be activated by admin?
(Because if email registration is enabled, only the username, password & email address fields are shown)

- India Guy
I have a similar problem to the above and have tried everything suggested. Neither image nor text validation is showing up though. And it only started happening when i updated from 7.00.4 to 7.00.05
I hope the Fusion Team will look into this issue.
I support this, am having the same problem.
The photo gallery in my newly installed Fusion 7.00.5 is also not functioning. I get this message whenever I go to photogallery

No GD library detected. Photoalbums will not work without GD library. Contact your host provider for further information.

As shown in my earlier post above, the PHPinfo from my hosting server shows that the GD library support is enabled.

Is this problem and the verification image issue related?
Can somebody suggest a fix?

fix: install GD library or disable it.
maybe a little modification can make it work without GD, (like a question or somthing) ask on mod site for that
GD library is already installed.
It must be a bug as even when i change to text validation it still tries to show an image. It should be able to display text validation but its not for some reason.
Sorry to have to bump this.

Could someone please look into why text validation won't work. Id be happy if just that worked and not use image validation at all. I remember using text validation when my site was on v6 and it worked fine then.

Can anybody give any more sugesstions on how to resolve this issue?
There are 2 options for GD in PHP-Fusion. The settings are in the system administration for photoalbums. GD1 or GD2. I do not know if this is relevant to your particular issue, but please try.

Ytterx: it is clear that this problem is NOT related to people hosting their own server. As such, they can NOT easily change settings for GD or for any other PHP-MySQL or other function defined in php.ini.
Tried your suggestion. Captcha still not showing.
I couldn't get the fusion captcha to work.

So I installed ReCaptcha from http://recaptcha.net

The mod for V7 is available from

You need to get public & private key from recaptcha site after registration and enter in into the file named key.php in the mod folder.

Then upload into the includes folder.

The contact and register pages are now working with recaptcha verification. And it works very well.
Hey thanks India Guy. That recpatcha mod is a good fix for this.
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