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Uploading "None Images" as an Administrator

I have gone through the documentation and can not find an obvious way to allow administrators to upload documents (for example pdf files) which can then be linked to from within articles. I am using PHP Fusion 7.0.5 I believe. I am very new to PHP Fusion and have found some features have thrown me (making people administrators for example) so may have missed something obvious. ;)

Can anyone help? Is there a way to do this (as with Image uploads) or do I need to add an "Infusion" ?

Any help greatly appreciated?
there is no upload pdf section because PHP Fusion wasnt meant for that. But there is a File Manager on the MODs site you should check out.
Thanks for the reply, I have found a couple of v7.0 infusions that appear as though they would work. But it does not appear possible to install them. I have followed the version 6.0 instructions for installing infusions (there do not appear to be v7 manuals?), but nothing ever appears in the infusions drop down. So

1) Copied the infusion to the /infusions/ directory.
2) Logged in as a super user.
3) From the admin panel select Infusions icon.

and an empty dropdown is always presented to me, am I missing something obvious? Reading the forums does not help as v.6 users it just seems to work, and v7 users either know how to do it or are swearing like crazy in the comments fields asking how to install the infusion.

Anyone help please?
Quickly before rude posts, it does appear that the infusions that dont work are related to the Advanced File Management Mod here : http://phpfusion-mods.com/infusions/m...mod_id=273 as I have since made the several other infusions install........

Still a bit stuck :(
*cough* ok, so if I had read the post telling me it was broken and not just assumed it would have been fixed it would have worked :o

Oh well got it to appear in the drop down now ;)
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