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[SOLVED] Only Super Admin can Admin Forums?

URL to your site: Internal Development
Version of PHP-Fusion: 7
Any mods you've made to your site: None.
Version of PHP: 5.2.9
Version of MySQL: 5.1.34
Have you searched for your problem: Yes
If so, what terms did you try: "forum admin super admin" "php-fusion 7 manual" Doesn't appear to be a Manual / Handbook for v7...

State the nature of your problem:
I have a generic "admin" account setup as a Super Administrator. I want to have several normal Administrator level accounts for moderating the forums, but when I edit the forum in Site Admin -> Content, the only options for adding forum moderators is my Super Administrator account. I have tried doing it under both my normal Administrator level account, and my Super Administrator level account. My Administrator level account does not show.

Do you have a test account for us? If reqd.
I think that if you give those Administrators access to Forum in the Admin panle, you will see that they can Moderate the Forum. Every Forum has a list to which you can add Moderators.
My admin user has access to Admin -> Members -> Administrators -> Edit -> Content Admin -> Forums but there's no Edit or Delete buttons when I browse the forums.
Yes, but I think you need to add those to Forum Moderators under repective Forum. By "Edit Forum".
That's where my problem lies -- when I go there, only my "Super Administrator" is available to select. None of my "Administrator" level accounts come up there.
Here are my admins:
And here is the "Edit Forum" page. As you can see, only my Super Administrator shows. It is like this whether I am logged in as "fukawi2" or "admin"


fukawi2 wrote:

In this picture where there are the two boxes, the left having "Administrator" in it, click "Administrator" once. It should go to the right box.

Save your changes, and administrators should now be able to moderate that forum.

Do this for all the forums you want admins to be able to moderate (I'm guessing all of them).


googlebot wrote:
In this picture where there are the two boxes, the left having "Administrator" in it, click "Administrator" once. It should go to the right box.

Ohhhhh, right... That's kinda like "groups" rather than individual members. Gotcha.

Thanks for clearing that up :)
Thx GB.
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