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PHP-Fusion does not support PHP 5.3.0 and later

Two days ago PHP 5.3.0 came out, and one of the changes in it is deprecated ereg extension!
This means what all POSIX Regex Functions will not work.
PHP-Fusion core still contains posix regex functions.
The solution is to upgrade to PCRE Functions.
Here how to upgrade POSIX to PCRE:
$a = eregi('<[^>]*object*"?[^>]*>',$i);

$a = preg_match('/<[^>]*object*"?[^>]*>/',$i);

All you need to do is to add / before and / after POSIX pattern.
eregi => preg_match
ereg => preg_match
ereg_replace => preg_replace
eregi_ replace => preg_replace
Note what PCRE by default is case-sensitive, to make it case-insensitive add i flag:
$a = preg_match('/<[^>]*object*"?[^>]*>/i',$i);

PCRE is also faster then POSIX.
WOW! Thanks a lot, this will defiantly bee in! Thanks a lot for notifying us about this.
No problem starefossen, also you aware what magic_quotes_gpc will be deprecated to?
make sure php-fusion is compattible with other versions of php 2 some host don't upgrade there software very often:

"if it ain't broken, don't fix it"
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