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Validation Code

I have uploaded a previous version of Register.php version 7.04 and it works fine version 7.05 wont
Yes, I have been told that by another user too. We will look into it. Thanks for letting us know.
Dunno if this is an old reply Weeman, but it is showing for me.
Could you please post screenshots of register.php when it wasn't working and the HTML source of the page, please? I'm trying to solve this, but I cannot reproduce :)

I'd also like to know which PHP version you are using.


Darchangel wrote:
Dunno if this is an old reply Weeman, but it is showing for me.

Yes, it shows because Weeman found out that the 7.00.4 register.php works with his 7.00.05.

But as I can see it shows the old captcha image . Maybe this is caused by the 7.00.4 register.php he use now. I dont know.

On his site it looks like this:


But it should look something like this:

Weeman, I would kindly ask you to download the zipfile of 7.00.005 again and try to re-upload register.php and the entire includes directory. We can then rule out any file corruptions.

Please also check whether you are using PHP4 or PHP5. I know PHP4 is quite old, but it could cause trouble with the new validation code (I'm not sure, but theoretically it is possible).
I have done as you have suggested misterman75 and it seems to have resolved the issue many thanks.

Ps im using PHP Version 5.2.6.
You're welcome. Glad it works.
HI, I am now having the same problem with my web site, securimage won't show.

I already re-uploaded all the include directory but it's the same.




HobbyMan wrote:
How to check your host supports Securimage


I tested using that test script and I got this
Securimage Test Script

This script will test your PHP installation to see if Securimage will run on your server.

    * GD Support: Yes!
    * GD Version: bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
    * TTF Support (FreeType): No
      No FreeType support. Cannot use TTF fonts, but you can use GD fonts
    * JPEG Support:
      Notice: Undefined index: JPG Support in /home/vampire/sites/elitespygroup.com/www/securetest.php on line 66
    * PNG Support: Yes!
    * GIF Read Support: Yes!
    * GIF Create Support: Yes!

Since you can see this...

The image showed up, but I cannot see the validation image.
Tested with 2 browsers and different users.
My servers information:


    * Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
    * Server version: 5.0.77
    * Protocol version: 10
    * MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

Web server

    * Apache/2.2.14 (Unix) PHP/5.3.1
    * MySQL client version: 5.0.77
Fresh install of php-fusion. no Mods no Infusions

Any ideas?
Open includes/securimage/securimage.php

Find line 77

var $use_gd_font = false;

change to true
Thank you HobbyMan, that did the trick!
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