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What is this ?

What is this ? When i allmost finish my install it shows this :


What is Table Prefix ?
all of the tables in your database will be prefixed with this value

e.g. fusion_users will contain all the user data and fusion_ is the prefix for this table.

It's recommend you change this value as it makes life a little harder for hackers.
First of all, please don't head all your forum posts with "What is this?". Please try to give a better heading.

Second, please read the handbook. It gives an excellent description for how to install PHP-Fusion.
If you still need help you can give me an msn or skype on PM and I'll explain to you more clearly.
We dont do that.
Any issues are given help publicly. We do not give out our contact info for a specific issue or do any kind of personal support. That is the general rule.

The final decision is of course up to Yxos, but just so you know.

Prefix on tables is a well known matter and if you lack any explanations of it I suggest you look it up. As in Name+Surname any table can be given PrefixName+TableName.

(Werd I tried to find a concrete DB definition at MySQL but it seems that "prefix" is so common and widely understood that they do not see the need to have a proper definition of it, just some syntax explanation.)
I think CursedSoul meant to address Singima. It's of course up to CursedSoul if he wants to give this extra help, but otherwise Homdax is right. Normaly we don't provide individual support. Answers are to be put in forum for the benefit of all, and not communicated individualy.

fanggaming already gave a good description of prefix. You may leave the prefix unchanged if you want.
Okey Thanks, I Did It :D Now I Just Need To Know How To Do An Rating For Downloads ?
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