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"Howto" upgrade v6 to v7

Hi All,

Can anyone direct me to a good tutorial with instruction on how to proceed with the upgrade?

My site was hacked and I need to upgrade...

Thanks for any help :)
Before you upgrade we strongly recommend that you backup your files and your database as PHP-Fusion 7 is a major update compared to its predecessors. You need to follow these instructions precisely.

1. Version 6 code is not directly compatible with version 7. You must either update any mods, infusions, panels or themes before upgrading OR acquire a version 7 compatible update. It is recommended, however, that you disable all 3rd party code to avoid any problems.

2. First you must upload the upgrade script from the folder named 'upgrade v601x' to the administration folder of your site.

3. Login to your site as the Super Administrator. Under the System Admin tab of the Admin Panel, click on Upgrade then click the button marked Upgrade. YOU MUST follow the upgrade through a number of steps, the upgrade process will complete only when you see 'Database upgrade complete'.

4. VERY IMPORTANT: Since this release contains a number of structural changes, some elements of your site will not work properly until you have updated all of your files. YOU MUST upload ALL of the files from the files folder.

If at all you are any doubt please feel free to ask one of our support sites for help, there are plenty of knowledgeable users in our community who can help or advise you regarding the upgrade process.

This info is in the readme files of the V7 package
Ok.. First off, I've already done a fresh install of the latest version 7 on a seperate DB, and its working fine. I wanted to see if I could "upgrade" from V6 that I was using for my website. I did all the required "backing up', and the upgrade didn't work (no biggie).
I re-uploaded all the "backed up" files, but the site gets the dreaded "fatal Error" msg. What do I need to to get back to my Version 6 site as to get some "created" panel data.
I hope this makes sense..

Thank you in advance
Nevermind. I got back to where I could get what I needed:D. Guess its time to move it all to Version 7.:o

Thanks again
Read the Readme in the V7package. As far as I know there is a "how to upgrade from v6 to v7" ;)
Do the readme have other languages? my english sucks.. and im haveing problems here.


nothingelse wrote:
Do the readme have other languages? my english sucks.. and im haveing problems here.

Which language you speak?
do they have Spanish language?
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