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Lost the abilatiy to login?


I can no longer login to my site. i was adding a paypal html link to my welcom panel and all worked fine :) then i logged out and tried to log back in but as soon as i hit the login button it took me straight to the paypal page for adding funds. i have looked but i cant find the file the html code would have gone to:@ so i cant login to delete it grrcould anybody help please
and im sorry if this is not the correct place to post.
How exactly did you add the paypal code?
i will do a fresh install :|
It should not be necessary to re-install your site.
First of all - provide a link to the site in question. That might help us get a better view of what's going on. OK?
don't lose everything that you just started and do a fresh install, just relax and show us what you did to get to your problem... maybe even a link would help so that we know what's going on and can help you further. That's the point of a support site. To help others not just fresh install everytime you mess up because you lose all of your work that way and have to start all over.
No worries guys. I did a fresh instal with v7 and alls good now :) Basicly when i added the payplal code in it somehow over written my login button with the paypal donation button both buttons were taking me to the paypal add funds screen :( i was just trying to find out the where the code i had inserted had gone to in way off the files through FTP because i couldnt login i could get to the admin/system admin/main welcome text screen.
V7 is much better anyhoos. But if you do happen to have the answer to another way of editing that screen with out loging in that would be great.
If you mess up a center panel so that you can't get to the "log in" panel often located to the right, just type in www.your_site.com/login.php
(where your_site.com is your sites address of course).
After you log in - use www.your_site.com/login.php to gain access to the admin-panel and fix whatever panel that mess up.

If you're unable to access your site trough login.php - use phpMyAdmin to disable the troublesome panel. phpMyAdmin is the tool most webhost provide you with to manage your database.
;) Thanx for that buddy... ez when you know how.. just tested it and that would of worked fine... mentally logged :)
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