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Unable to back up my site

I am in need of some help.
I have had a look but unable to find anything that helps.

I went to back up my database in the admin panal and it just sent to the home page.
I have put in the correct password so I know its not that. After a little more investigation I have managed to track it down to custom pages.
The problem is I can back up everything and just uncheck custom pages I have a lot of custom pages so need to back these up too.

I am now at a dead end and need help in sorting out what the problem is.
Plz plz plz help as it is now doing my head in.

Thanks in advance
It could be that some PHP code in your custom pages is interfering with your backup. Is there any PHP code in any of the custom pages?
No not any php code but on a lot of the pages there is a large amount of html code as they are taken from a web page.

I did try and transfere the site to another server without the custom pages then just copyed & pasted each page. after every approx 5 pages I would make sure that I could backup the site on new server and I could. After spending hours doing this and changing all links to correct page numbers I found that some of the pages did not show correctly so am still stuck.

I have also tried a complete fresh install but still pages show up wrong on diffrent server. (well same server just diffrent account)

Also have changed page content to longtext in order to accomadate amount of infomation.
for db backups I'd suggest to use mysqldumper:
you can attempt to backup afew stuff at a time, maybe try just backing up the fusion_user table, if that works their is a problem somewhere.
Have done that and evreything else will back up fine. Even Custom_pages will back up.

It is Fusion_custom_pages that will not back up even on there own.
It is now realy doing my head in as I cant even transfer custom pages manually by copying and pasteing to another site.
Try exporting your whole database with phpmyadmin? @_@
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