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@Admins/ We can't submit themes on the themes site!

We can't submit themes on the themes site - the confirmation page is broken. It shows no left or right side, and the OK button is gone. The problem has been there for some time now (I was waiting for one of the Super Admins to do something about it, but nothing has happend yet)! Please fix this in the nearest future. Thanks!

I did'nt know where to place this thread, so that's why I decided to put it here!
Im sure there was something on the themes site about this and the admins are aware of it. I guess we just need to wait for them to take action.
Yes, and I was the one making them aware of the problem! But this has been a problem for quite some time now, and nothing has been done to fix it, so that's why I've chosen to write this thread about it!
You see: I'm a moderator on the site, but I don't have the rights, or the skills (I think anyway), to fix it myself!
I Posted your concerns on the crew site, maybe someone with the appropriate access can take a look.
Though, with all that's going on behind the scenes it may have to wait.
Hi HobbyMan!

I just read the news about the "Influensa update", so that's one of the reasons why nothing has been done. Now I understand! Hope, they get well soon!
Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the crew! I know they are busy, but thought that this was an important issue to bring up. Being able to submit themes on the themes site is one of the main things about the site, along with the general theme support off course.
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