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Table "tu" crashed ???

Table 'tu' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

I dont even have this table. What is this?

I cant even log in my page. it gives me the same error

Table 'tu' is marked as crashed and should be repairedTable 'tu' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
tu stands for table users usually.
Go to your phpmyadmin and select your users table > repair.
the repair option doesnt come up though on phpmy admin. there's an error message


SQL query: Edit

SHOW CREATE TABLE `enimal_partizani`.`fusion_users`

MySQL said:
#1194 - Table 'fusion_users' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
Repair can be found by clicking the operations tab and then at the bottom under Table maintenance
I know, but I get the error message where the Table mainteance i supposed to be.

I always fix my tables by running a query on a custom page. but now I cant log in to do that.
Do you have a recent db back up?
no i dont

I cant run a query on the table through phpmyadmin?

i use this when tables crash

$result = dbquery("REPAIR TABLE ".DB_NEWS);

Where the error message comes up in myphpadmin, there's a Editv button for the query. Can i run that query in there?



SQL query: Edit

SHOW INDEX FROM `fusion_users` ;

MySQL said:
#1194 - Table 'fusion_users' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
If you've no recent db back ups, then you've nothing to lose at this stage as without one, your options are limited.
save that code in file and name it whatever you want just don't forget to add .php extension, upload it to root php-fusion directory and visit it. It will repair all tables.
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_admin',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_article_cats',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_articles',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_bbcodes',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_blacklist',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_captcha',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_comments',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_custom_pages',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_download_cats',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_downloads',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_faq_cats',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_faqs',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_flood_control',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_forum_attachments',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_forum_poll_options',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_forum_poll_voters',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_forum_polls',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_forum_ranks',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_forums',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_infusions',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_messages',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_messages_options',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_new_users',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_news',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_news_cats',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_online',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_panels',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_photo_albums',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_photos',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_poll_votes',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_polls',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_posts',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_ratings',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_settings',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_shoutbox',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_site_links',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_smileys',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_submissions',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_thread_notify',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_threads',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_user_fields',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_user_groups',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_users',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_weblink_cats',
'REPAIR TABLE fusion_weblinks');
include 'config.php';
$c=@mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass);
if($c&&$s){echo 'succesfully connected<br>';}else{echo 'failed to establish mysql connection';die;}
foreach($a as $v){if(!mysql_query($v)){$i[]='failed to execute '.$v;}}
if(count($i)){echo 'ERROR'.'<br>';foreach ($i as $v){echo $v.'<br>';}}else{echo 'SUCCESFULLY RELEARED ALL TABLES!';}

Can i just use it for the users table and take out the rest, or should I just repair everything?
i ran it and it said

succesfully connected



thanks a lotttttttttttttt
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