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HTML in panels

Hi I have a problem with HTML code in panals.
For some reason I can use HTML code with no problems as long as I dont use font in the coding. Can anyone help me out as to why this is. I have had to use the H coding for the size but because I can not use font I cant change the colour.
When I do use font it lets me put it and saves it but when you go to the home page the panel is not shown even though it is enabled.
thanks in advance.


PolarFox wrote:
An example?

<font size="4"><b>hi</b></font> this will not work because of the use of font.

<b>hi</b> this will work.
Then change the code to...

<font size=\"4\"><b>hi</b></font>


<font size='4'><b>hi</b></font>

that will work.

It's nothing to do with the use of font its do do with the use of "
Thank you very much.
now all works.:)
Also that is not FULL code.

But i guess it seems like this


if so , you might add some php, like this



it always work :)
according to current standard, people dont use <font> tag anymore. if u have a good knowledge in CSS u may want to wrap your text in a <div> and apply css on that <div> rather than using <font>. anyways, both do work. so, chill! :)
sorrry...my HTML tags dont work inside the fusion panel..i mean like <table> tags and stuff. It gives me errors...How can i stop that
Hi there,

Can you show me your code please?

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