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Can someone Really help me and explain totally, totally everything about PHP-Fusion ???

Database name = "Your database name in your mySQL account. You have to setup your database name before you can put your database name in the field."

Table prefixe = "For security reason, change it."

Database hostname = "Usually, type in localhost."

Hope this will help you.
wantp - I know how to make dbs and stuff I was just asking how to put it in "_databasename" or "databasename" etc.
prefix - how I should know into what change it in to.

Thanks for help anyway


Ok, I found info. I needed and after I've putted it in, it says me

Unable to establish connection to MySQL
2002 : Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)

What I should do now ???

Somehow I finished my first PHP-Fushion website. Thanks for everyone, who helped me! thanks :)
out of curiosity "DJ-NTS" Did you ever read the PHP-FUSION HANDBOOK..?
php_man, I did, but my english was total s**t those days, and I had almost none of web exp. comparing to today :)
looks like you came along with fusion pretty well then..
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