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[IMG] tag

Hi, i'm from lithuania, sorry about my language grin
I want to change [IMG] tag size to maximal, i want use in advenced download db.


and that there would be no <a href to pop-up.

I think this is in img_bbcode_include.php



| PHP-Fusion Content Management System
| Copyright © 2002 - 2007 Nick Jones
| http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/
| Filename: img_bbcode_include.php
| Author: Wooya
| This program is released as free software under the
| Affero GPL license. You can redistribute it and/or
| modify it under the terms of this license which you
| can read by viewing the included agpl.txt or online
| at www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.html. Removal of this
| copyright header is strictly prohibited without
| written permission from the original author(s).
if (!defined("IN_FUSION"wink) { die("Access Denied"wink; }

$text = preg_replace("#\[img\]((http|ftp|https|ftps)://)(.*?)(\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|JPG|JPEG|GIF|PNG))\[/img\]#sie","'<span style=\'display: block; width: 500px; max-height: 1000px; overflow: auto;\' class=\'forum-img-wrapper\'><img src=\'\\1'.str_replace(array('?','&amp;','&','='wink,'','\\3'wink.'\\4\' alt=\'\\3\\4\' style=\'border:0px\' class=\'forum-img\' /></span>'",$text);
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