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Ukrainian locale for PHP-Fusion v7.01

First of all, thanks all who like and uses my previous Ukrainian locales for PHP-Fusion.
I created this thread due the next locale set to use it with v.7.01 of the PHP-Fusion engine.
At first I decided only to make changes in my previous locale project, but later during the final testing realized that I must review all of the code.
As a result a lot of mistakes were corrected and also I had found many better ways of translation/adaptation the original locale to the Ukrainian.

Version history and changelog:
* 05-08-2010 [Alpha]
Checked and corrected main files and 'user fileds' directory.
* 05-08-2010 [Beta1]
Checked and corrected `bbcodes`, `forum` and `search` directories.
* 06-08-2010 [Beta 2]
Checked and corrected 'admin' directory.
* 08-08-2010 [RC]
Added and localized some brand new files of the 7.01 PHP-Fusion version.
* 20-08-2010 [Final]
Locale set was totally reviewed and tested in the real workaround. Corrected some mistakes, some words got a better meanings and many phrases found their better sound.

Finally, I am pleased to present to all fans of PHP-Fusion the final version of the Ukrainian locale for PHP-Fusion v7.01. Enjoy it!

Note: While the work was in progress I had posted messages on each stages of it,
but at the end wise Admins gave me a good idea to edit my first post.
So, I am agree with it and had collected all information in this post.
kot2007 attached the following file:
ua701.zip [No information available / 0 Downloads]
Please use the Edit Button! Thanks
We are happy you are working with this and appreciate your effort. I see you posted in order to keep us up to date and that is fine. I fear Slaughter may be a bit picky and normally he is of course right, but I think your thread bumping via new posts were intentional and purposeful.
Sorry for the long time adaptation of my locale set to the PHP-Fusion version 7.01.05. I tried to track the changes of my favourite CMS, but the main work conditions was so, that "if it works fine, dont need to spent time for update, because you have a huge number of other problems just now".
At last, about two weeks ago I managed to view the last version 7.01.05 and I really found, that it has some locale changes and it will be fine to upgrade my Ukrainian locale set.
Though we are all waiting for the 7.02, I think that the current version will be actual at least for the next two or three monthes. So, everyone who need it - take my latest Ukrainian locale set and feel free to use the best ever CMS!
kot2007 attached the following file:
ukrainian70105.zip [72.61kB / 492 Downloads]
Working on the 7.02...

21/11/2011 - alpha
By that time all new files were translated and a little changes were made into the old ones too, but all of them still needs to be closely checked. So, you can take it and try just now, but be ready for some small mistakes and inaccuracies.
When the final Ukrainian locale will be ready I'll create the new thread, specially for the 7.02.x PHP-Fusion versions.

08/12/2011 - beta
There was a huge checking process and as a result many of files were completely rewritten, I found several bugs and missing lines. Also I have added a locale for the shoutbox, that is now a standalone infusion.

16/12/2011 - final
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