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Weird shoutbox bug

I am installing php fusion on a site for someone and customizing the template. Last night it worked fine but I hadnt really started adding content yet. This morning I wake to find out they tried testing the shoutbox by typing test and hitting send. Now the whole site looks like this http://gammawavegames.com/news.php on every single page I try going to.

Edited to fix link url.
try a default theme? and tell us what happens.
I would if I could get to the admin page but even when trying to get to the admin page all I get is what is shown in the link.
Edit it in phpmyAdmin or whatever mysql database software you're using. It is in the settings table under the field theme.
Ok so we went into the database, deleted the shoutbox post and that fixed it. So I changed the theme to the default one and tried it again and sure enough it does the same exact thing on the default theme.

We are also using PHP version 5.3.3. Which im wondering if that is the cause for it. It just came out at the end of July.
We've just reverted the server to php 5.1.6, we're planning on compiling php 5.2.x for CentOS 4 but after the 5.1.6 reversion the shoutbox behavior remained the same under any theme including the default install theme.

BTW I'm the server admin, Stormy is the site designer.

We're attempting a full fresh install of Fusion 7.0.1 at the moment to see if the behavior remains the same. Will report back.
Was MBString related. We did not have MBstring installed to our PHP version on CentOS on 5.1.6, or 5.3.3.

After installing php 5.3.3 we found too many errors even with mbstring on other sites on the server, so we reverted back to php 5.2.9 and now with mbstring installed everything is functional.
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