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What is this <!--[if gte mso 9]> ?

Hi ,

on my articles page appear this ( <!--[if gte mso 9]> ) and disappear my articles ? how can I fix this problem?
i don't see how this is IE related. articles work just find for me when i test in Internet explorer. (besides its unrealistic to require all users to NOT use IE.)
<!--[if gte mso 9]> is a tag solely picked up by IE, ignored by other browsers.

And it's not a requirement, but an strong advice. Hey, if you want to use IE, go ahead :) I'm just saying it doesn't do too much good and causes some problems here and there (where other browsers don't).
yes i realize that, but if it were working properly it would only display in the source code. not output on the page
I have been using Firefox browser , but I think this problem is related to the database because after I made a change in the database the problem occurred.Some of the articles shows only the code mentioned above and some of them it only shows half of the article the continue is missing in the article. When I upload a long article it can not be uploaded properly.


Use a browser, not Microsoft Internet Explorer.

We cannot have that snobbish attitude, the majority of people use IE, is a fact we cannot ignore.
mso 9 is Office 2000.
You are looking at a conditional comment that says
"if using Internet Explorer and Office 2000 or later is installed then execute the following code until [endif]" Otherwise skip the code.

It sounds like you used Word or another Office application to make the edit.
How can anyone be so retarded as to use Microsoft Office for web authoring?


Homdax wrote:
How can anyone be so retarded as to use Microsoft Office for web authoring?

Nice comment from a admin :(

I'm using Vista Windows and everything which I'm using are the latest versions and I'm also using Mozilla Firefox browser. My website is supported on a free server 6t.net

Please give me answer and illustrations for my question!

and How long an article can I upload, I mean what is the limit for the article length ?
Example, this page in Notepad++

1233 Lines, 85.6Kb

In Word it climbs to 4049 lines, 246Kb

Notepad++ - it's free ;)


- Tony - wrote:


Homdax wrote:
How can anyone be so retarded as to use Microsoft Office for web authoring?

Nice comment from an admin :(

He's right, though :)
As Tony points out using Word for saving text in to a web form is a bad idea.
You may have the original text in Word, but if you copy paste it, it will include lots of MS Office specific code which is mostly garbage from our perspective. When doing such a copy-pats, take the text from Word, to Notepad, and then, after that, in to the webform/textarea/custom page.

Some software has methods of cleaning up Word Generated HTML.
Later versions of Office are getting increasingly better at saving doc as html, with pretty clean html as a result. Dreamweaver has specific functions for cleaning up Word html, and even
TinyMCE has plugins for cleaning up Word HTML directly when pasting a document in to TinyMCE.

So those are reasons, with others, used to avoid MS Office as a text source for clean sites.

Tony, we are not here to guide newbies from scratch. We presume some initial cunning and knowledge in basic web authoring since we do not have the time to baby-sit people learning html and mysql and ftp from the absolute beginning.

It may seem harsh to some, but that is our take on this. Help to self-help, if you will.
Opinions? Send me a PM.
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