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User Group as member of another User Group?

I have searched the forums, but there is no concise search criteria that explains what I am looking for, so asking here.

Is there a way, whether native or mod that would allow me to a hierarchical approach to user groups?

For example, I have 3 groups Admin, Members, and Applicants. On the forums I want the applicants to see some forums, and member see all that the applicants see plus more, and then Admins see what members see plus more.

With my installation, it seems I have to assign individuals to multiple groups to give various permission (Except for administrators which get full rights). But I have been looking for a way that I can assign someone to a group and basically have then given the rights to multiple groups.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for any assistance.
yes and no. You can set different permissions for different groups in the forum settings under admin-> content admin. But you cannot set it up so only certain groups can see certain topics in each category. You CAN make it so there are certain group only forums. so you cant do a structure like the following

main board
---->forum name
--------->post 1 (everyone can see)
--------->post 2 (only admins can see)

BUT you can do the following structure:

main board
---->forum name (everyone can seee)
--------->post 1 (everyone can see)
--------->post 2 (everyone can see)
---->forum name 2(admins can seee)
--------->post 1 (admins can see)
--------->post 2 (admins can see)

hope that makes sense.
What you wrote makes sense with only users and admin, and up till recently, it worked great that way.

---->forum name (everyone can see)
--------->post 1 (everyone can see)
--------->post 2 (everyone can see)
---->forum name 2(recruits, members, and admins can see can see)
--------->post 1 (This is where members talk about recruits) (ONLY members and admins can see)
--------->post 2 (recruits, members, and admins can see)
---->forum name 2(admins can see)
--------->post 1 (admins can see)
--------->post 2 (admins can see)

It seems like I can only give view rights to one group. I can give individuals membership in multiple groups so with one they can see all forums, then an elevated group to have posting rights. It would just be simpler to be able to add groups to another group (So that members would inherently gain the view rights of the recruits.

Maybe I am complicating it more than needed.

Thanks for your reply though.
yea, what you want currently isn't possible (or at least i can't figure it out). I would post on the Mod forum or on http://www.fangree.co.uk/ and ask someone to make the requested mod for you. You can use the forum sub category mod on the mod site to get the structure you want, for the permission i would set it up like this -> "recruits" = members, make a user group called "full members", then admins. Where you want recruits, members, and admins can see just put the permissions at "members", for the ones you dont want the recruits to see, put the permissions at the user group "full members". It could be a pain in the butt to add everyone to full members depending on how big your site it, but this would work for you.
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