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Game Portal menus & dropdowns

Game portals like gamespot.com, gamestop.com plus to many to list have large multi level navigations.

Fusions normal menu cant handle all the links in one bar or from the admin panel site links.

I looked around and found a game portal template and converted it to fusion.

GamePortal demo http://php-fusion.mangee.net/


Its drab and colorless but has a multi level nav bar that could be useful to someone.

I can slice and dice the graphics in a psd file so other more colorful backgrounds could be used.

The header div along with its css code should be able to fit into most tableless themes.

I will also try to build multi level jquery menus and demo them for the few that are interested.
Hi. Will this also be suitable for a content website that's not specifically for games?
I would say so.

The upper right menu is the default php-fusion style of menu with links from admin panel.

The second and third larger menus could have any text or link in them.

I would say the limiting factor is the graphic images of the menus and your background in your theme.
I got this :@



You don't have permission to access /new.php on this server.
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
ankurthakur see p.m. about my servers .htaccess .
At the listed demo site in first post I have added a jquery multi level dropdown demo.

GamersPortal is the name.

It is suckerfish style so will work with or without javascript enabled.

Top nav bar is fusion links still.

Next two are full width with slidedown effect and a flyout on the dropdown, three levels.

Its taken me weeks to get this far. I am using some pngs images so you should be able match your theme.

I need to finish the use of the left double angle quote: » in the code.

Trying to get jquery to show it correctly.

Again these menus should be good for a portal that requires many links.
Have you released the code for the jquery multi level dropdown menu yet Mangee? I'd like to use the dropdowns on my non-gaming site.


When you say released your most likely looking for an infusion like Smokeman, here, and MarcusG, here, has.

That is beyond me to make or support.

But if you know minimal coding like me I can provide you the following

javascript file for animation, psd files for graphics matching to your theme, theme.php code for the menus and the css to cover the menus and header area.

This is all code gleamed from tutorials, public themes and demos on the net.
Is there any chance to find them as released ones one day?
Thanks for the quick reply and the links. I probably know enough to use your code, but Smokeman's infusion also looks suitable so I will give that a try first.

Thanks again,

robbie :)


Is there any chance to find them as released ones one day?


That is beyond me to make or support.

I wouldn't think of doing an infusion.


Mangee wrote:

I wouldn't think of doing an infusion.

I meant the themes...
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