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Pictures/phots on site stoped showing


I apologize if this has been debated before. My english is probably not good enough, so I don't know exactly what to search for inorder to find information in this matter.

However, my site www.tartrummet.se has several photoalbums with several pictures in them. From one day to another all pictures stoped showing. As you can see it says "Ingen miniatyrbild" which means "No thumb nail"

To see it visit http://www.tartrummet.se/infusions/hsgallery_panel/photogallery.php?album_id=10

I'm a bit desperate here :) Could anyone help me out? How do I make all pictures show again?

On first page, I have hard coded pictures (look in main center presentation) and these pictures show. The ones in photoalbums don't show.


At first - ask your hoster, maybe he know what's wrong.
At second, have you enough free space?
Thanks for your response!
My hoster says he hasn't changed anything at all. Has not changed safemode from off to on (it's ON now). There is a lot of free space. This has worked fine for about a year. Just now, today it stopped showing.

I found this thread: http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/vie...ost_139867

I changed in all files except from photo.php where I couldn't find the line:
[syntaxhighlighter brush=php,first-line=1,highlight=0,collapse=false,html-script=false]define("SAFEMODE", @ini_get("safe_mode"wink ? true : false);[/syntaxhighlighter]

I only found a line:
[syntaxhighlighter brush=php,first-line=1,highlight=0,collapse=false,html-script=false]if (!@ini_get("safe_mode"wink) { define("SAFEMODE", false); } else { define("SAFEMODE", true); }[/syntaxhighlighter]

Should I change this las line to anything?

Hmm getting crazy here. I don't understand anything sad

Actually it worked by changing above php-files. The reason why it didnt work completely was because I used infusions such as random slide show and hsgallery_panel smile So I had to do the same changes in these files!
Maybe the cause is some infusion or panel you activated yesterday. It is not normal that you have to modify core files. Check your recently activated panels, maybe is some specification about safe_mod in there.
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