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Showing self created pages in a self created page


I made a page with a submenu with 3 buttons: info , programm and articles. When you click on articles you'll see the list of articles (cat_id=x), while the submenu in top stays visibile and the same.

see for an example; http://www.sckr.nl/v2.0/viewpage.php?...?page_id=6

This is made based upon the following code
[syntaxhighlighter brush=php,first-line=1,highlight=0,collapse=false,html-script=false]<div>

<table style="width: 600px;" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" bordercolor="#000080">



<td width="25%" height="19" align="center"><a href="viewpage.php?page_id=5">Informatie</a></td>

<td width="25%" height="19" align="center"><a href="viewpage.php?page_id=6">Programma</a></td>

<td width="25%" height="19" align="center"><a href="http://www.voetbalzuid.nl/" target="_blank">Uitslagen en Stand</a></td>

<td width="25%" height="19" align="center"><a href="viewpage.php?page_id=1">Wedstrijdverslagen</a></td>



<td colspan="4" width="100%"><strong>Klasse: </strong>4 B</td>







include LOCALE.LOCALESET."articles.php";

$cat_id = 1; //here you put the cat id from where you want to take the content

$res = 0;

$result = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_ARTICLE_CATS." WHERE article_cat_id='".$cat_id."'");

if (dbrows($result) != 0) {

$cdata = dbarray($result);

if (checkgroup($cdata['article_cat_access'])) {

$res = 1;


opentable($locale['400'].": ".$cdata['article_cat_name']);

echo "<!--pre_article_cat-->";

$rows = dbcount("(article_id)", DB_ARTICLES, "article_cat='".$cat_id."' AND article_draft='0'");

if (!isset($_GET['rowstart']) || !isnum($_GET['rowstart'])) { $_GET['rowstart'] = 0; }

if ($rows != 0) {

$result = dbquery("

SELECT ta.article_id, ta.article_subject, ta.article_snippet, ta.article_datestamp


WHERE article_cat='".$cat_id."'

AND article_draft='0'

ORDER BY ".$cdata['article_cat_sorting']."

LIMIT ".$_GET['rowstart'].",".$settings['articles_per_page']);

$numrows = dbrows($result); $i = 1;

while ($data = dbarray($result)) {

if ($data['article_datestamp'] + 604800 > time() + ($settings['timeoffset'] * 3600)) {

$new = "&nbsp;<span class='small'>[".$locale['402']."]</span>";

} else {

$new = "";


echo "<a href='".FUSION_SELF."?article_id=".$data['article_id']."'>".$data['article_subject']."</a>$new<br />\n".stripslashes($data['article_snippet']);

echo ($i != $numrows ? "<br /><br />\n" : "\n"); $i++;


echo "<!--sub_article_cat-->";


if ($rows > $settings['articles_per_page']) echo "<div align='center' style=';margin-top:5px;'>\n".makepagenav($_GET['rowstart'], $settings['articles_per_page'], $rows, 3, FUSION_SELF."?cat_id=".$_GET['cat_id']."&amp;")."\n</div>\n";

} else {

echo "<div style='text-align:center'>".$locale['403']."</div>\n";

echo "<!--sub_article_cat-->";





if ($res == 0) { redirect(FUSION_SELF); }


however, how do I alter this code to also show self created pages (for instance; http://www.sckr.nl/v2.0/viewpage.php?page_id=6) in a self created page without loosing the menu?

this way the member can create their own pages without ****ing up my menu code
I tried an iframe, however the iframe shows the entire page http://www.sckr.nl/v2.0/viewpage.php?page_id=21 (so also all the menu's , panels etc) in the frame

but i only want to show the information in the page ( viewpage.php?page_id=24) in the iframe

my code is
echo "<iframe width='100%' height='800' src='http://www.sckr.nl/v2.0/viewpage.php?page_id=24' frameborder='no'>Frames Not Supported</iframe>";

somebody know's another solution?
You must add another page. Without theming.
ehm, how do you mean?

so still use the iframe?
and what other page? how do i create it?

Because I want the users to use tinymc for editing this page
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