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My first public theme is a ?


does not work anymore..
Thanks guys, i will get back to that version of Stylo when i finish some personal projects, really glad to see that everyone likes it.
Wow Falcon this theme looks great! Looking forward to it. I like the footer, I'm using/coding a similar one for my website.

It would be nice if you could make a clear, clean and simple theme for a entertainment site with news, articles, reviews, previews, forum... about anime, games, movies, etc... not so dark colours, light with could be some light green...
this theme is getting good huh
I see a lot of music related websites, especially the radio station types.

I bet they would rejoice in joy if you were to create one.
I'm sorry but i can't give you the source code. (Just View Page Source)

I will work on a movie theme after i finish this one.

On Topic.
I'm pretty busy at this time, the hollidays and all that, but i managed to make something.
Here is and updated version: http://dev.agxthemes.com/themes/stylo
A simple menu that will come in 3 colors, it doesen't do anything special, instead, looks pretty good. ^^
btw the name of the theme is Stylo (don't ask why xD)
Merged on May 24 2011 at 17:28:10:

The Stylo theme in it's classic PHP-Fusion version is out.
Just download the latest PHP-Fusion version pack and you will find'it there.

Thanks to everyone for the support, feedback and ideas.

Good Luck!
What about maybes jquery slider panels and drag n drop for the sides?
Okay here is me - very sneaky me :D
So, I need a three column theme about movies


i want to be a movies
yes :)
Maybe something dark and glassy and...
So you are the creator, idk what I need to say :)


Fangree Productions wrote:
Source code available from where?

Can I get it please?


SimpleVision wrote:
@Falcon looks great!

Where can I see your previous work? :P

Read his first words in the starting thread. ;-)
@Falcon looks great!

Where can I see your previous work? pfft
Source code available from where?

Can I get it please?
Thanks for the up's guys :D
I saw that everyone likes the footer so i codet just the footer, so you can have a closer look at it.
DEMO: http://dev.agxthemes.com/themes/stylo

I will work on the header tomorrow.
"my first public theme"... are you kidding us?B) you're an icon, man! your works has already been used on (or inspired) hundreds of sites. keep it up!
Falcon. if you want a custom theme done and CREDS for it, send me a PM.
But if you fail I will have Nicu spank you...:P
Nice footer. I like it.
Forgot it, I'm asking about TS site... :)
PolarFox is a master of minimalism, I think :)


PolarFox wrote:
Offtop: your site are private?

As a moderator you should please be a little bit more precisely what and whom you talking about or to...
Thank you.

(This was not the first time...)
Offtop: your site are private?
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