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LOA Shoutbox Center Panel

www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/addondb/img/screenshots/t_556.jpgPHP-Fusion Argentina is pleased to announce our first public release. We give you LOA Shoutbox Center Panel. This is an enhanced version of the PHP-Fusion Shoutbox. This version shows you the user status (online/offline) in the site and the user avatar. Also you have the possibility to show a custom message in the shoutbox as a warning for example. The code used is from PHP-Fusion v7.01.03.

User Status (online/offline) with images.
User Avatar.
Custom "No Avatar" image from Admin Area.
Custom Message.
Admin Area.
Infuse/Defuse system.

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Thanks for my Credit that is appreciated.
I seem to be having a problem with this. Everything works but the chatbox looks like a left or right panel but stretched any ideas?
It looks like a left or right panel stretched because it is a center panel.
When will the coders change the hardcoded spanish parts of the script to make it usefull for other languages?
So where is this Hardcoded spanish parts? I'm not seeing any.


Fangree_Craig wrote:
So where is this Hardcoded spanish parts? I'm not seeing any.

Sorry, it was a mistake or it had been already changed...
PhAnToM, really nicely done infusion ;)
I wanted to ask You , if it's possible to make that this "Shoutbox" would be only visible in "phpfusion/forum/index.php" page , i mean under "Discussion Forum". If You or anyone else know how to do this ?
Or if it's imposible to do with this infusion maybe it could be done with phpfusion integrated default shoutbox?
Open up the file /forum/index.php - and find:
require_once THEMES."templates/footer.php";

- right above that line add this:
include INFUSIONS."shoutbox_center_panel/shoutbox_center_panel.php";

one thing i see

replace the line 222 in shoutbox_center_panel.php

echo "<fieldset><legend>Shout:</legend>";


echo "<fieldset><legend>".$locale['sb_001']."</legend>";

and same in shoutbox_archive.php line 171

Thank you Phpar and Smokeman, my problem is solved now :)
No Problem.

Do you have a link to your site - so I/we can see it for real ?


smokeman wrote:
No Problem.

Do you have a link to your site - so I/we can see it for real ?

at the moment no : ) I testing it on virtual server "wamp", together with my own created theme.
After the last problem will be solved , I will put it to the web hosting server.
You could send us a screenshot.


Fangree_Craig wrote:
Why though? What's the interest? lol

Why lol?
Often when I read answers like before, we found a missing copyright, Mr. Admin, sir!
I must agree with Smokey and Ypsilon. Also it is mostly a good effort to post a link or a screenshot to the site in question.
@FC: Have you thinking of that you nearly ALMOST saying "lol" in every posts - and that I/others might find it that you're thinking "we are stupid" ?

The last couple of days I had that feeling now - that you think we all are just stupid users that either can't code - or that your solutions is THE BEST!

If you don't change your behaviour - then I have wrote my last words here on this site.

And yes: I have several thread now where I have noticed you always laughing at us. :|
- just say when - and I'll post the links to these threads.
Hi ^^ This is a very nice panel :D

but... i have a little problem with it.

I need to make this panel the same size as i've set news' panel. I tryed to change the dimensions of Loa shoutbox by editing the style.css or tables into various folders but nothing works ._.
i failed >___<

This is a screnshot of what i am saying and what i would want to do XD


is it possible?

Thank you for your support :P
What is the link to your site ? :P


smokeman wrote:
What is the link to your site ? :P

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