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Image list in tinymce doesnt work anymore


I always developed a site on domain.nl/v2.0/

when posting an image in a newsitem it always worked with a nice pulldownmenu in the tinymce

however now I release my site on domain.nl/ (so without v2.0)
the pulldown menu is gone fotoalbum.oellies.nl/nieuw.jpg

how can I fix it?

I already installed the latest version of the folder includes/jscripts geinstalleerd but still no succes.

at mydomain.nl/2.0 the pulldown menu is no also gone
i still dont get it why the image list is gone
one site it's working. and the other site not

see the image;

it looks like only 1 file is missing or 1 setting is wrong; the one that enables the pulldown list.
however I uploaded the same folder to both sites, but only on one site its working

what to do?
Admin Panel -> Images -> Update image list for TinyMCE editor
it is not helping?
nope :(
Im having "a hard time" believing that this iis only caused by moving from domain.nl/v2.0/ to domain.nl/

Are you 100% sure that you don't have uodated the PHP-Fusion too ?

Because every time I've heard about this problem - that's because peeps have updated to v7.01.xx

Edit: With other words; I've never seing this working in the v7.01.xx series.
Strange, I have the same problem on my site I set to Icelandic.
Smokeman I use v7.00.05 on both sites. only 1 is working, the other not. I did not upgraded anything.

who can tell me what causes that the list is missing?
what passage of code need to be added/ changed?
@Jack: Which PHP-Fusion version are you running ?


smokeman wrote:
@Jack: Which PHP-Fusion version are you running ?

7.01.03 But I have translate it to Icelandic.
does somebody got a clue?
@ivoht: No - I don't have a clue anymore. I've being worked on this for long time now - without getting any closer a solution.

I've tried nearly everything... :o
The image list is working for me on a test installation of 7.01.04beta1, so hopefully the next service release will fix this.
Ok - thx for reporting that @WEC.

I've never used the tinyMCE myself - but now I don't have to spend any more time on finding the solution. :D
hello im new here can someone guide me im having problem istalling tinyMCE.. thanks

There is no need to install the TinyMCE, so what's the problem? Just upload and activate in Settings - Misc. Settings.
I figured something out, but it'still not working.

when i deleted the entire map jscripts/tiny_mce and then upload it again and at the same time try to add an image to a news item , than i see the image list (see the left popup in first image in the attachement). Than when the uploading of the map jscripts/tiny_mce is finished and i refresh the image popup the list is gone. (see the right popup in the image in the attachement)

so there must be something wrong in some code there. therefore i included a zipfile with the includes folder www.sckr.nl/includes.zip

when i look further i dscovered that when i delete the file includes/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/advimage/js/image.js
than i ALWAYS see the desired list of images (however the list is empty (looks like no database connection)) See the right pop up in the second image of the attached doucment; www.sckr.nl/images_tinymc.doc )

I would say that a; the file image.js is corrupt, or B; something is wrong with the database connection

I think A is wrong because when i upload a entire new image.js file from a new php fusion version, the list is gone again (see left popup of the second image in the attached doc)

who can help me out?


WEC wrote:
The image list is working for me on a test installation of 7.01.04beta1, so hopefully the next service release will fix this.

... and it did NOT fix it! Tried on a fresh v7.01.04-site - and the crap still don't work.

For me: I don't care at all - I've never used this crappy software. The only thing it does is making your codes very crappy/useless!

@ivoht: Well, I hope you find a solution to your problem. I will not spend as much as a second anymore on this - sry. Im getting gray hair - and no one others seems to have a solution.
I think it's a browser cache issue somehow.

The image list is not stored in database, but written to the images\imagelist.js when you press Update image list for TinyMCE editor via content admin, images.

At some point it wasn't working for me either, but now i have verified the image list to work on these browsers on a local server running 7.01.04:

FF 3.6.13
FF 4.0b9
IE 8.0.6001.18702
Opera 11.00, Build 1156
Safari 5.0.3(7533.19.4)

Those still having issues should try to test their site in different browsers and if problems persist, then report this on the dev. site with detailed information on how to repeat the error.
WEC I use v7.00.05 on both sites. only 1 is working, the other not. I did not upgraded anything. So that's strange, why 1 site is working and the other not :(

I tried the error prone site in IE, FF, en Google Chrome, but still the same result; no working image list
unless i Delete the file images\imagelist.js

when i remove this file, the list is there, but empty
any idea how to fill it?

you say Update image list for TinyMCE editor via content admin, images.
however this is linked to http://www.sckr.nl/administration/images.php?aid=342346495c1732c9&ifolder=images&action=update. could there something be wrong with the administration files?
Check if your images\imagelist.js has the correct CHMOD.

Check that you have the correct site url set in System admin, Main settings. If incorrect url is set, then you will lose the drop down list.

The screen shot you posted as:


indicates that that site has a problem on the TinyMCE language files.

I just tested a test installation v. 7.00.07 on a local server in FF 3.6.13 and the image list is working for me on that version.
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