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Standard installation/activation instructions for themes

Hi everybody!

It seems that some of the theme designers could use a little help, when it comes to writing a proper install, and activation, instruction, so I've made a standard text, which can be used in most cases.

Feel free to suggest changes for, or ways to simplify, the instructions that I've come up with so far!

Here's my suggestion to a standard installation/activation instruction (for most themes):


How to install and activate this theme:

To install this theme, you must first unpack the downloaded file (.zip, .rar ect.) into a temporary folder (e. g. c:\temporary).
Once unpacked, upload the folder named, for example, 'Gillette', via an FTP program, into the 'themes' folder, in the root of your site (e. g. Path: (your site's)root/themes/Gillette).

Once this has been done, simply launch your website and perform one of the following acts:

1. As a user (if enabled in 'Admin Panel' -> 'User Admin' -> 'User Fields'wink:

a. Log in, and then click on 'Edit Profile'. You will now see an option called 'theme:', below the 'Options' headline, where you can choose your theme from a dropdown list.
b. Look, in the list, for the newly installed theme. Select it, and then click on the 'Update Profile' button to view and use the new theme.

2. This option allows you to change the Main Site Theme for ALL users, as an administrator:

a. Log in, and go to 'Admin Panel' -> 'Settings' -> 'Main'.
b. From 'Main'(Settings), find the option: 'Site theme:', and select the newly installed Theme from the dropdown box, then click on 'Save Settings'.

Admin-Edit: Renewed this thread!
I am sure that you must thought to write this after Viewing my Submitted theme .... :P LOL !!!

Anyways, Thanks for this ...... :)
No, you're certainly not the only one, who has trouble with this. ;) And: Your most welcome!
Actually, I saw Your Addon is being tested by: Harly in my Dashboard that why saying....

Anyways, I/We will make it sure for providing these Instructions in future... :)
Good man! ;)
Looks good Harly;)
Thanks, Kenneth! B)
Do you need some locales?
No, not really, but maybe you can make a German version of this, and add it to the forums of the German supportsite? I think they'll appriciate that! ;)

My thought here was mainly, to make a standard english text, to use in the readme of the theme Addons!
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