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Votes gone away in Addon DB ?

Where did the showing of the votes in the Addon DB go ?
Yeah ! Where did they got Hide ??? :P
someone has stolen our votes :o


Philip wrote:

awsome.... B)
II'll bump this now - or else it's maybe going to be overseing by the admins.

This should defenitely work! :@

Look up if any doubt.
Chill my friend,

Perhaps the Admins are working on it now trying to rectify it and that is why one moment there are votes the next moment there are none. ;)

It's no big deal anyway, Votes mean nothing!
I positively agree with F.G.: If I am in bad mood I give a poor vote!
(I do not, of course, but I could!)
Actually someone abused the ratings on the old MOD's Site, MOD's DB, that was what put me off ratings for addons.
Things like that just make it look like your addons are garbage when there are actually the opposite. :|
There was work being done on the site at the time and that's why the ratings were temporarily down. They should be back now and working ok.
One small change is that Addon authors can no longer vote for their own Addons.
@Philip: It still does not showing up. Pls take a look again at the links I posted in post #6.
@Smokeman the are rating on your addons when I look at them

EDIT: Now I see what you mean, I can see ratings on all other addons, but not my own:o
Ahh ok! Maybe the admins can use that information I guess..


Philip wrote:
One small change is that Addon authors can no longer vote for their own Addons....

Damn there go's all my Awesome votes then. lol :P
Figures. :P

Is that as intended Philip? See other but not your own ratings?
Info: It must be IP-related too IMO - because when logged out I still can't see votes on my added Addons.
I dont know how long you have been staring at your addons, but you should definitely see your votes between Date & Live Demo
That's not what I meant. See the picture - this is what I can't see at my own Addons:
smokeman attached the following file:
ratings.jpg [38.8kB / 47 Downloads]
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