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Upgrade 7.00.07 to 7.01.01 problem

by Drbo, Last updated on 8 years ago in Installation Issues - 8
I did try to upgrade my PHP-Fusion to 7.01.04. I started with upgrade from 7.00.07 to 7.01.01, I did copy all files to web, press "Upbrade" and this appears:
Unknown column 'settings_name' in 'where clause'Database upgrade complete.
No upgrading was apllied.

Can anybody help me, please?
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It's not just to copy all files to the FTP and press "Upgrade".

Read the readme.html carefully:


Before you upgrade we strongly recommend that you backup your files and your database as PHP-Fusion 7.01 is a major update from PHP-Fusion 7.00. You need to follow these instructions precisely.
1. Version 7 code is mostly compatible with version 7.01, however since there are a lot of changes to the core, some addons (mods, infusions, panels or themes) may not work properly.

2. You must first upload the upgrade script from the folder named 'upgrade v7' to the administration folder of your site and upload the folder named 'locale' to the root of your site. Without the locale files, some names may not be added to the database.

3. Login to your site as the Super Administrator. Under the System Admin tab of the Admin Panel, click on Upgrade then click the button marked Upgrade. YOU MUST perform the upgrade first! The upgrade process will complete only when you see 'Database upgrade complete'.

4. VERY IMPORTANT: Since this release contains a number of structural changes, some elements of your site will not work properly until you have updated all of your files. YOU MUST upload ALL of the files from the /files-folder, EXCEPT:

Thank you. Sorry, but in the pack, I downloaded, was no readme... :|

Please. look: http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/downloads.php?cat_id=25, I downloaded 7.01.01 pack. There's no readme, no folder named 'upgrade v7' and so on... There are the standard php files only... :|

OK, I found readme.html in the full instalation. My questions:
1) Can I upgrade PHP Fusion from 7.00.07 to 7.01.04 directly?
2) At first I have to upload upgrade.php to the administration folder and the locale folder, after this I have to upgrade a system... and after this step I have to upload all rest files from the full instalation??? (except _config.php and setup.php, of course)???
Excuse me, please, but I probably don't understand correctly...
WinXP, Opera 12.14
1: Yes.
2: Yes.

All bad... :|
I upgraded step by step - it was OK, but language set was bad, bad locale chharacters appears (bad charset). Well, I wanted to restore db from backups and... everything is out, now., only white page appears... :|
What now?


EDIT: I did backup AFTER upgrading too...

EDIT2: I restored system from backup after upgrading by myPHPAdmin... I hope, the worst thing is after... But bad charset is still appears...
WinXP, Opera 12.14
Huh ? No backup before you did this ??

I thought it was not neccasary to told you that - I can see you have being a member for allmost 5 years.

What site-language is your site running ?


smokeman wrote:
Huh ? No backup before you did this ??

1) I did a backup before upgrading, but when I tried to restore the articles and so on from a backup, something wrong happened - only a white blank page appeared...
2) I did a backup after upgrading too, I restored the content of my web by MyphpAdmin, now is content OK, but a bad charset still appears...

Website language is Czech... :)
WinXP, Opera 12.14


DrboTheme ;-) based on DarkFang Theme By: Fangree Productions

What is exactly changed that makes it a new theme name based on FarkFang?


Fangree_Craig wrote:


DrboTheme ;-) based on DarkFang Theme By: Fangree Productions

What is exactly changed that makes it a new theme name based on FarkFang?

Login and user panels are integrated into header section, counter of photos, forum posts and so on in header section...
WinXP, Opera 12.14
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