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Theme Copyright missing. What should the Author do ?

Hello all,

I was just going through the Referrers of my website and I found a website to be using a theme without the Copyright added. The Theme was made by me and it is having a little link-back to my site with the Theme Author name(me).

So, please tell me that whether it is legal to do that ? I mean under the License...

Because I don't think that the website is having any License as it seems to e running on Free License.

Also tell me, if one has License for Copyright removal, then whether he/she is able to Remove or modify the Copyrights related to the Themes they are using(made by anyone) or not ?

For your convenience, the site is : http://www.pciranian.com/

Thank You

Ankur Thakur
No if he has purchased a Copyright Removal License then that is only to remove the Footer notice PHP-Fusion Copyright and it does not cover Themes, so no theme copyright should ever be removed.

This is Behrooz site I will speak to him.

EDIT: Ankur Come on MSN a minute and we will resolve this.
i when chang to persian site , footer not show good
So i Disabled only your copyright 20 min (no Disabled PHP-Fusion copyright )

i must add after cellspacing='0' : dir='rtl' , So your copy right not show good ,
now can see yourcopy right
Great resolved in just under 1 hour very good.

Thanks Behrooz.
Other people should note that paying for a licence to remove the PHP-Fusion copyright does NOT entitle you to remove any other author titles or credits *. That must negotiated separately with the author(s).

I realise this case was an oversight and put right very quickly. But, some may not see the distinction.

* This does not count for Core themes released in the download package.
Oh ! I got it... And this applies to every thing, i.e, mod panels and addons stuff...

Thanks to you all, for your Response... :) You gave me another suitable and useful Tip for the future and so to the others :)

Anyways, Thanks to you Fangree for your kind help regarding this :) and Behrooz for taking necessary actions quickly... :)


Merged on Aug 06 2011 at 15:17:50:

Sorry to Woke Up the sleeping thread again but can anyone suggest me that What should I do if there is no response regarding the Warning made by the Author to the Violator ?

My Theme also comes in the category of Open source when I have included the AGPL Licence Header in the theme file (which we usually included in all mods) so it means that I can contact his Host regarding the issue and License violation ? B)
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