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New fusionBoard - like infusion

Hey! Sorry if this is wrong section, wasn't sure where to put it.

But, do you think we need a new forum system? fusionBoard has stopped stopped development and won't work with V7.01 and up. I mean like we can't even create polls in the current default system.

I think we need a new infusion or the default system to be upgraded to be as good as fusionBoard.

For anyone that doesn't know what fusionBoard is like visit www.larastomb.com/forum (I have nothing to do with this site).

I think it would be good if the PHP-Fusion Core forum was expanded more, I have posted a few ideas on the PHP-Fusion DEV site, you can also submit ideas and requests for features.


cool fangree ;)
The core forum should be updated but as far as features goes, it has no future in comparison with infusions, in my opinion.

I'm working on a "fusionBoard" type infusion. I have no release date set yet so.


Web Lord wrote:
cool fangree ;)

You are welcome,

In the mean time, I might have stuff for you or I can point you in the right direction.
What kind of forum mods or features do you have in mind?
I had basically the same thing as fusionBoard but anything that might be useful I'll accept. :)
The following links might help you out...


The Fangree Productions Forums are the PHP-Fusion Core V7.01 Forums with some extra pizazz.

If you are liking what we have did with our forums and you would like to attempt to modify your own PHP-Fusion V7.01 Forums then read through the threads and guides in this Board and you should have the same Forum Mods we have here on Fangree Productions in no time.

First off you are going to have to go and download some MODS and Infusions here is what you should go get and install as normal.


Forum Extension Panel [Download] by Matonor
We use The Forum Extension Panel to display, similar threads, who's here?, thread preview, and post redirection. The forum Extension panel also has some other features.

Ajax Forum Post Ratings V2.02
[Download] By LOA & Fangree Productions
Agree, Very Good, Thanks, etc. Post ratings.

Forum Ad Bot Agent
[Download] By Wooya
If you would like to mod the Ad Bot agent to display an avatar and the same Forum Post style like I have done on the Fangree Productions [Read This Thread].

Forum Newbie Panel By Fangree Productions
Displays a message for new users in forums.

Share This V3 [Download] By Fangree Productions


Mods & Panels
Forum Sub Categories [Download] By keddy

Report Spam (Thread) Button [Download] By Hobbyman

What's Going On? Panel [Download] By Fangree Productions
Enhanced Online Users Panel

Ajax Forum Panel [Download] By Fangree Productions

Top Forum Poster Panel [Download] By Smokeman


Small Mods & Snippets
Go To last Post on forum index and viewforum By Fangree productions based on vBulletin
To use the Go to last post Last Post For Forum Index & Viewforum read my guide [Here].

Signature Style By Fangree Productions

Forum Signature Style Guide [Read Guide]

Attachments Style By Fangree Productions
Forum Attachments Style Guide. [Read Guide]

Javascript Search Form On Forum Index By Fangree Productions
The Search form code for the forum index can be found in [This post].

Forum Thread To Top By Fangree Productions
Adds a To Top image in viewthread.

Thread Locked Notice
Displays a thread Locked notice in a panel in viewthread.php

User Online Offline Status
Displays User Online Offline Status in forum Post ifo in viewthread.php

Display No Avatar Image In viewthread
Learn how to display a no avatar image in viewthread.php


Googlemaps BB Code by Fangree Productions [Download]

Marquee BB Code by Fangree Productions [Download]

Twitter Followers BBCode by Fangree Productions [Download]

BBCode Guide V2.00 by Fangree Productions [Download]

Development Notice BBCode by Fangree Productions [Download]

PDF BB Code by Sharky[Download]

Font BB Code by Sharky [Download]

All other BB Codes are included in PHP-Fusion V7 Core.


User Fields
To find out what User fields we use on Fangree Productions forum and how to implement them [Read This Thread].

Also check out the Addons DB and the Code snippits forums here.
Excellent! :) You are one of the best here!
No problem it is my pleasure to help all users.

If you need anything else for your forum please let me know and I will see what I can do for you.

Have Fun!
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